Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Friend Makin' Monday - Hobbies

Happy Tuesday!  OMG - it's getting WARM !!  I took the dog out for a 2 mile walk with me just wearing jeans & a sweatshirt!  I think we overdid it, tho.  The park is an oval with a path thru the middle.  He kept trying to pull me down that middle path and today I hurt from wearing hiking boots (melting snow = lake-sized puddles everywhere).  He sure slept good last night, tho! 

Oh, and the kid had another dance competition Sunday - if you want, you can read about it HERE.  More trophies!

Alrighty - what do we have today?


Here’s how it works: you copy the questions, answer them and post them to your own blog. Then you come back here, and in the comments, post the link to your blog post with your answers to this week’s questions. If you don’t have a blog of your own, just post your answers in the comments.

1. What do you do for fun?  I read, blog, do cross-stitch, go for walks, go horseback riding when I can.

2. What do you do to relax?  Mainly read.

3. What do you do to waste time?  The Interweb.  'Nuff said!

4. What hobbies do you have that you do regularly?  Reading & cross-stitching.

5. Is your hobby something that could make you money?   Not really.

6. Do you make money from your hobby? Or would you like to?  I wish!

7. Do friends or family make fun of your hobby?  Nope.

8. Is your hobby expensive, moderate, or free to support?   Moderate. There's the initial purchase of materials or books.  Walking is free.  Horseback riding is $0, but costs in labor.  Meaning I usually end up cleaning stalls or helping out with whatever little chores my sister has around her house.

9. How did you first get started with your hobby?  Walking / reading / cross-stitch just happened.  My sister got her first horse when I was 2 and it evolved from there.

10. Is your hobby something that you can do with other people? If so, do you?  Depends on which one.  Walking & riding, yes.  In fact they are more fun with other people. The others, no.

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  1. I love that it's getting warm! Today was the first day I didn't have to wear my coat (until after sunset) - loved the feeling :)


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