Monday, March 9, 2015

U of M Dance Invitational 2015

So my friend Laura & I have decided that these competitions that the Movement Project go to are way more chill than the studio comps.  It's so nice!  I don't know if it is because we don't rush backstage after a routine to help with costume changes, or it's because there are a lot fewer girls, or less craziness in general or what, but I'm not complaining!

We braved the time change and were up at 0-dark-30 on Sunday getting ready.  We were on the road at 6:45 am and even with a couple stops - we were in a parking spot at the Crisler Center on the UM campus at 8.  Sunday mornings are definitely the time to be on the highway!  I looked down once and caught myself going 90 mph!  Whoops.  With nobody else on the road it was easy to do!
They were done with all 3 dances by 12:30 so we went out for a team lunch.  Luckily we didn't need to be back at the arena til 5 since Buffalo Wild Wings is really slow.  The last dance finally ended right at 6.   The scores were adjudicated so I have to assume it was like some of the other comps we've been to.  Anything below a certain # of points got a "superior participant" trophy and then the place trophies based on points above that #.  So the MP girls got their 2nd place trophy for jazz and their superior participant trophy (probably 2nd place also) for hiphop and then....awards ended!

Coach Jon went onto the floor and from where we were sitting, we could see 6 little concerned faces looking at him.  Then they trooped over to the table where the trophies were and asked about senior pom!  The lady checked the list and said oh yeah!  We forgot to announce it.  Then grabbed a big ol' first place trophy and handed it to them!

Funny part of that is...besides their routine being the only one in the category - there were some BIG mistakes....the most glaring of which is one of the girls had her sleeve on the wrong arm.  Ooops.  We just won't mention those little tidbits and concentrate on the 1st place! Woohoo!  And I have to say - they had the flashiest pom costume!  Everyone else had the basic cheer dress outfit.  Yawn!

a couple studios, quite a few high school varsity & JV teams and 2 college teams.
The MP girls are the little group in black on the top left/center area.
Out of a total 200 dances....ONE studio made up for 68 of the dances!  I think every kid did at least one solo, even if they shouldn't have (meaning it was painful to watch).  We could have been done by 2 if it weren't for them!
This is probably gonna be the team now,  The 7th girl was just filling in for Nationals last month and really didn't want to do this one.  At least they have time to rework the dances before the next comp if they choose not to replace her!

So now we get a break for a while.  The next order of business is the first competition for the studio!  It's not for 19 days (Miss Angela has the countdown going) and she still has 2 competition dances she hasn't finished yet so I'm sure there's going to be some extra classes here & there.  Yay!  I'm sure she'll get the rest of her costumes this week.  So far only 2 need to be taken in to fit her.  

Speaking of taking in costumes..... Saturday we took her prom dress into the tailor that did the alterations on my wedding dress.  The tailor had already left for the day and the guy we talked to told Angel she was just too skinny and needed to eat a cheeseburger or super size some Taco Bell!  Sheesh!  I sure wish I had that problem!   


  1. I used to do all the competition dancing. Great memories, as well as a great learning experience! So cool to hear about y'all's experience with this competition. Congrats to your daughter and her team on 1st place :)

  2. Great that the girls had fun and did well. Shame on you for hitting 90mph! Use your cruise control, unless it's raining. (I can say things like that, I'm a MawMaw.)
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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