Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Almost March!!

I probably won't get a chance to get on here tomorrow to post so here I am now!

We'll be spending most of the afternoon / evening in Detroit for an early dinner at the Hockeytown Cafe and then Monster Jam afterwards.  Love us some monster trucks!!

So it's been pretty calm around here.  It's too stinkin' cold to do anything outside.  The negative temps overnight and barely making 20* during the day SUCKS!!!  My poor car needs a bath so bad!  I want a red car again instead of blotchy pink from the dried salt.

So it's been quiet around here.  Randy's been getting home pleasantly early from work - as in a reasonable time and can actually have dinner with us!  It's so nice to be able to spend time with him!

As for studio life, costumes are starting to trickle in.  There were a lot we were able to buy on our own this year.  I got her dress for tap on Amazon.  I got her solo costume from a website and we got her pants for hiphop at Old Navy this afternoon.  Miss Angela is going shopping with her partner Sunday to find matching 'leather' jackets for their duet.

I finally broke down and uploaded my videos from Nationals onto YouTube.  So here they are for your viewing pleasure......

Senior Small Group Lyrical - National Champs!

Senior Small Group Pom - 3rd place

Senior Small Group HipHop - 12th place

Good night, all!

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