Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

So spring has already begun!  Woohoo!  
March has totally come in like a lamb, so I guess we can expect a foot of snow for Easter. 
I put the Easter blowmolds out (under Jack's stupervision) and just the inside has been mostly Easter-fied.  So I'm good. 

More crocuses are popping up, too!  The lonely purple one & there's a bunch of white ones, too!  In the past years, they came up one color at a time, so seeing them all is pretty neat! 
I thought there was going to be a turf war in my backyard this afternoon.  There was a small flock of juncos (winter birds) under the feeder.  Then across the back of the yard came bopping a robin.  I almost expected to hear snapping!  Hopefully the juncos were fueling up to leave town!
Tomorrow morning I'm going to my bi-annual Skywarn training at the Oakland County offices.  I enjoy watching the weather videos they show and getting a refresher on all the severe weather terms & such.

Randy is supposed to take Miss Angela to work on some parking lot skillz while I'm gone.   Hopefully she'll take segment 2 of drivers training in the near future & her test soon after!  The poor Escort is sitting next to the driveway and I'm pretty sure it's sinking into the lawn.
This is entirely too true!
Ugh, don't get me started on cleaning! I get so overwhelmed I could cry. We have a case of too much stuff and too small a house. I have a hard time to put anything away. I'd just love to move everything out into the driveway, wash walls & run the vac, and put only things back in that actually have a place!
Next weekend is studio competition #1.  The seamstress has 2 of her costumes and may or may not have them ready for dress rehearsal Monday.  Oh well!  We have the rest and they're ready to go.  She has to weed thru her tights to see what all she has & in what condition before I fork out $$ for new ones.   OMG, she wants to wear fishnet tights with the rhinestoned seam for her solo - those damn things are tough to find!  Every website I checked had at least a 2 week backorder and the dance / skate place by our house had them....for $57 !!!  WTF!!  For $57 they better be tattooed on her legs and the rhinestones glued to her skin! My partner in crime, Laura called another place that I forgot about and they had them for $31.  Still a buttload of $$ for tights, but at least we now have them in our possession.  I could have found them at Party City or any number of "Lovers Lane" type stores, but I prefer to get ones specifically for dance, hoping they're more durable.

After getting the tights Tuesday, we went to the dentist to get our new crowns.  Wouldn't ya know, with her they popped off the temp, glued in the new, took an xray and sent her on her way in like 10 minutes?  And I had to be numbed and the new one popped off when the hygienist tried to floss around it, etc, etc.  And it still aches.  But at least I'm not popping aspirin every 4 hours like I was.  I'm able to go 10-12 hours now without needing any.  But once it starts to hurt - it HURTS!

Wednesday, Angel asked if she could get out of ballet early so she could go help out at school for curriculum night for the incoming sophomores.  So I went straight from my Weight Watcher meeting to the studio to get her and of course they got their costumes, and were running thru their dance.  So she went into the dressing room, and grabbed her stuff and went to the car - still in costume.  Then complained about people looking at her!   Um yeah.  You're kinda overdressed!  But man, is it a pretty costume!!  Can't wait to see it on stage!
And Thursday after classes at the studio, Angel comes out with an armload of costumes for half the girls in her class and dumps them on the table near I was sitting.  She told me that I and Miss Lynn were going to rhinestone them!  Oh really??  Then I thought about it....I did offer to rhinestone costumes before....guess my offer didn't expire!  So Lynn & I will sit there Sunday during the extra practices and do our thing.  At least there's only 8.

As I looked at that pic of the house, I realized I don't have the lighted bunny or egg hanging in the front windows, so I better go do so!

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  1. Glad you are getting to enjoy a hint of spring. We were cold and rainy. Now we are warm and rainy. I don't decorate for any holiday except for Christmas anymore. And even that is usually not much more than a tree. When I finish my coffee, today will be laundry and trash day for me. And clean out the garden tub so Pete can soak in Epsom salts day as well. If the rain stops, I hope to make tomorrow clean my car up afternoon.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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