Monday, March 23, 2015

Friend Makin' Monday - FOOOOOOOD

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!   We had a few happenings this weekend, but it was mostly chill.  I had my Skywarn class Saturday morning, then we took Miss Angela to the park and Randy worked with her for 2 hours on parking the car and turns, etc.  She did really well.  Then Sunday we went out to breakfast and spent quality time at the studio.  I rhinestoned some costumes with another mom while Angel had extra classes.  We finally got done there around 3:30.  She's ready for dress rehearsal tonight and her competition this weekend!

I posted my A to Z Blogging Challenge theme reveal earlier today.  Pretty exciting!  Have you signed up yet?
I set up a "Twitterfeed" thingy so if I have a certain phrase in my post, it'll show up on Twitter.  However, I haven't used the phrase, so it shouldn't show up there.  We'll see!  This is all still new to me.  

Here’s how it works: you copy the questions, answer them and post them to your own blog. Then you come back here, and in the comments, post the link to your blog post with your answers to this week’s questions. If you don’t have a blog of your own, just post your answers in the comments.

Food - oooh.  My favorite thing - clearly!

1. What is your favorite food dish?   We broke out the grill for the first time in 2015 Saturday.  So just about anything grilled.  Meat / fish / veggies - yummy!

2. What is your favorite food type (Italian, Mexican, etc)?  Mmmm.  American!  I like BBQ, burgers, corn on the cob, etc.  I do like some Italian & Mexican & Chinese.

3. What is your favorite snack?  Yogurt.  Fiber One bars.  baby carrots & hummus.  apples. cheese sticks

4. What do you usually eat for breakfast?  Oatmeal.  I mix steel cut & rolled oats so I make it the night before so they can soften.  Then I mix in strawberries or PB2 or whatever the next morning when I get to work.  I can heat it if I want or leave it cold.

5. Do you eat your veggies? What are your favorites?  Love the veggies!  I think squash / zucchini is my favorite.

6. What is your favorite junk food/guilty pleasure? We do this thing we call a Taco Timmy run.  We'll park the car at Tim Horton's then walk 1/2 block to Taco Bell to eat, then stop at Timmy's on the way back to the car and grab a coffee & donut.  Yes - I (cringe) track them.  Most are 7 points.

7. Do you cook most/all of your own food?  I would like cooking more if I didn't have 2 picky-asses in my house with me.  They would be happy with the same boring food all the time.  They act like I'm feeding them arsenic or something if veggies are mentioned and Heaven forbid I try something new (quinoa, anyone?).  But I did get them hooked on whole wheat spaghetti noodles!   Let me tell you - it makes grocery shopping trips SUCK!

8. Are you vegetarian or vegan? If not, have you ever considered or tried it?  Nope and Nope.

9. If you eat meat, do you eat red meat, and if you do, how do you like it cooked?  Medium rare / medium.  I like it pink in the middle.  It seems more tender that way (steaks anyway).

10. Is there a food or a dish that you have always wanted to try and is there a reason you haven’t tried it yet?  I've never tried sushi or Thai or anything like that.  I think when I do (obviously I won't be with the picky family) I'd have to go to someplace who specializes in it.  If I'm going to try something new, I want it to be done right!  I just don't think about trying new stuff when I'm alone, which is why I haven't.


  1. Sounds like you had a busy wkend. What is Skywarrn? Good luck with the challenge, am out visiting, always good to meet more bloggers.

  2. I was vegetarian for 2 years for no particular reason. Now, although I eat everything, I'm trying to minimize my meat intake. That being said, I do love a good steak. And burgers. Yes, I love burgers ;)


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