Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Update on the kid...

I took her into the doctor this morning to get her hip checked out.   Since the dr. didn't actually see it dislocated, she just assumed it had been due to the residual pain, swelling & inflammation.  I had to laugh - she had clearly dealt with athletes before.  She told us that with "ordinary" people, she would tell them to stay off it, etc.  But since she understands the "not-ordinary" person mindset, she sent us for xrays and gave us a referral to a sports medicine guy.

The initial conversation was pretty funny, too.
Dr. So, how did you hurt your hip?
A. I did a kick during a dance and I heard it pop.
Dr. So what did you do?
A. It was hard to get up, but I finished the dance.
Dr. Then did you go find your mom?
A. No, I had a quick change.
Dr. Then what did you do?
A. I had to dance again.
Dr. And then?
A. Another quick change.
Dr. And?
A. Another dance.
Dr. And?
A. Then I went to find Mom.

So luckily, she only has classes tomorrow that she's going to tough it out for, then she's skipping Thursday's classes because of her best friend's 18th birthday party and next week is Spring Break.  So she's got some time to hopefully let it rest.

She's going to the sports medicine doc Monday and he will probably give her some exercises and stuff to do to help it out.  2 of her dance teachers expect all the girls to stretch every day - and text or Instagram pictures of them doing so, so it should work out.  I won't be able to nag her, since Tuesday she's leaving with another friend to spend the week in Georgia (they show their dogs so no big parties or beach shenanigans) and they won't be home til Sunday!

She was supposed to take segment 2 of drivers training over spring break, which is the last step before the driving test.  On her own, she told Brittney that she couldn't go to Georgia because of this class!  Ya know what - the class can be postponed - you only have 1 senior year spring break!  And since we weren't doing anything anyway - GO to Georgia!!  Sheesh.

Check out my yard today.  The first one was like 5am.  The second at 5pm.  I cleaned a good 4 inches of wet, heavy white crap off my car before going into work this morning.  Now?  Most of it is gone.  It never really got below freezing.

Alrighty!  The A-Z Challenge starts tomorrow!  Is everyone ready?  I have posts thru "L" plus some random others written for both blogs.  I was hoping I'd get some old pictures that a friend told me he found and asked if I wanted them - YES!  Now I wait.



  1. Funny conversation, I'm sure the doctor was shocked. I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Thru L done? You are amazing. I've got A - I'll be writing them each evening until I can catch up this weekend! Looking forward to your A to Z.


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