Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are you ready???

Gosh, I haven't posted in over a week!  I was up a pound at last weigh in anyway.  I'm not even going this week since I had a rough weekend.  I let myself get dehydrated and I'm still fighting the affects of that!

The kid had a dance competition and I swear the people at this school were the most evil hall monitors ever!  They wouldn't even let you take water into the auditorium.  Which wasn't too bad Saturday since Angel only had one dance, and only a few younger girls had solos / duets /etc. So we could roam around and such.  Sunday was the older kids - she had 5 dances of her own plus a vast majority of the rest of the studio.  So we stayed in the auditorium most of the day.  Plus I went out for a couple beers Saturday night = bad.  By the end of Sunday, I had the worst headache and my mouth felt like coppery cotton.  And it didn't help there was that one studio (there always is) that has what seems like 1000 kids which means 3000 dances.  Lots of dances mean lots of awards!   And this particular group had a lot of little girls who were extremely talented in that ear-bleeding / glass-shattering screech that little girls can do.  And they screamed every flippin' time someone went up for an award.  And when the emcee asked their names & studio when getting the awards, these brats would scream into the microphone.  Grr.

So anyhooo.  Oh yeah.  My kid got another injury!  First her knees.  Then her ankles.  Now her hip!  She partially dislocated it while midway thru the first of 3 dances within about 45 minutes.  I had no idea while watching her that anything was wrong.  She said with the adrenaline rush, she felt it pop but was able to keep going.  One of the other moms was able to help her get it back in and I took her to the doctor this morning where she got xrays and a referral to a sports medicine doctor.  yay!  Glad Spring Break is around the corner so she can rest a bit.

Kinda funny that the aquarium at the doctor's office has a skeleton in it!   Heehee!

So anyway, the A to Z Challenge starts tomorrow!!  I have most of my posts thru "L" written and scheduled already and some random other letters for both blogs.  I heard there's over 1500 blogs signed up - I'm sure I'll find a bunch more to follow!


Later!  Tonight we had the school's mandatory "Senior / Parent Meeting" so we can find out about prom dress codes and stuff about graduation and fun stuff like that.  I may cry!

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