Friday, November 18, 2011

Doing better!

Yesterday was a rough day.  The house still seems a bit empty, and I'm sure it will for a while.  It's amazing how much presence a mere feline has in one's life.   Actually, I was sitting at the desk earlier this evening and I swear I heard Skeeter.  When he walked in the room with me, a lot of times he'd make a small sound, just to get my attention.  But when I turned around, Maggie was sitting in the doorway, wanting to be fed.

So this is going to be a super busy week!  Randy finally left for Arkansas today.  About an hour ago he was outside Springfield, MO.  I told him if he got a good night's rest last night, I'd be OK with him driving the 16 hours straight thru to Fayetteville.  I know he has the sense to stop if he gets tired. 

Tomorrow I'm going on the second of the annual craft show sprees with Mom & the sisters.  I made arrangements with another Mom to pick Angel up for dance since I know I won't be home yet.   We also plan the Thanksgiving menu & who is bringing what food. Once I get home, I'll have to pick her up and meet the JV dance team at the high school to shuttle a part of the team out to watch the Varsity girls at their first competition of the season.  JV is not competing, they're going to watch and see how it's done.  Most of the girls dance at studios, too.  So they know how to enter & leave a stage, but a gym is different.

Sunday I promised Angel we'd go see Breaking Dawn.  Woo.  I personally think watching Edward & Bella interacting is creepy.  Maybe it's the lack of acting skills, I don't know.  But I will humor her.  And I learned tonight that it is totally uncool for her to be seen with me at the Mall, but it is perfectly OK for me to take her to see Twilight.   Also need to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving!

Monday & Tuesday as soon as I get home from work, I have to change & get the girl from practice, stop at the studio to pick up Maloree and shuttle them down to Ford Field for the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game halftime show rehearsals.  Nickleback is the band performing.  They are one of those bands that I have no idea of any of their songs, until I hear one. I should probably check that out. 

Wednesday is dress rehearsal and I'm glad I took a half day off work, since we have to be down there at 3. All three nights we have to be there until at least 9.  Yay.

Thanksgiving Day we have to be at the staging area at like 0930 and get on buses to go to the Field.  They give us lunch & we'll leave as soon as halftime is over.  Then we'll stop by the house to load up the car and the dog and go to Laurie's.  Then we can get stuffed with turkey & goodies and just crash.

Angel will be dancing on the field and I signed up to be in the Mosh Pit.  I seriously doubt its a real body-slamming, crowd-surfing, head-banging mosh pit like one would think.  The studio owner said its simple choreography so we may even be up in the stands. Guess I'll find out soon enough!

But I'll be sure to take my camera so I can hopefully get some good pics!  I'm not a football fan by any means (me like hockey), but it's going to be fun!

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