Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tremaine 2011

Whew!  I'm so glad that weekend is over! 

As a requirement to be on the competition team at the dance studio, the kids have to attend a dance convention once a year.  For the last 2 years (since there has been an official comp team), they've gone to Tremaine.  It's held at the Dearborn Hyatt Regency hotel and its a 2 day thing.   They have classes in rhythm tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop and something called Turbo Jazz. But it's a fun (and long) weekend.  They dance from 8-4 on Saturday and 9-2 on Sunday and it wraps up with a faculty show with all the teachers & the Tremaine dancers. 

The main issue I have is that the hotel also schedules a hockey convention for the same weekend. Yes, lets have 300-400 girls in skimpy clothing running around the same building as I don't know how many busloads of boys!   But they finally got smart and instituted a curfew so no kids can be out wandering the hotel after 11 pm without an adult.

Our door.

Angel is the one who stands out in the back row.

Angel & Kerrigan

Derrick the Turbo Jazz teacher & his little posse.

Derrick & Maloree (and Angel)

Jeff, the ballet teacher signing Angel's bra.

Laurie, the tap teacher's shoes. 
When that woman danced - I was totally hypnotized by her feet!!
And I love that she posed for me.
She must be used to it, since she's got her a shameless plug for her website on her left shoe!

Marty, the hip-hop teacher.

Colby the jazz teacher.

Angel & Colby.
He's just so cute like a puppy!

Laurie the tap teacher.

Brooke & Angel doing round-offs.

Brooke & Angel doing toe-touches.

I love that Laurie sat around and talked to the kids during break. 
These are all Dancer's Only kids except for the boy in the purple t-shirt.

Keri the contemporary teacher.

All the girls were in love with Marty!!

Angel being the sign!

But anyway, it is done for this year!  They were all so excited to go.  Its nice that they look forward to it, even tho they get their little butts worked off.   The adults had fun, too.  I learned the wonderfulness of something called Apple Pie.  I thought one of the other mom's was nuts when she called Laura & I into her room to have some.  We were thinking PIE, ya know.  Nope, this was apple cider, apple juice, sugar, cinnamon and a healthy dose of Everclear.  It was SO GOOOOOOOOD!  Plus I polished off a bottle of chocolate wine by myself.  Happy!!!!   I may or may not have rated a random guy passing by fairly high on the Nick Lidstrom scale of hotness.   Laura was entertained and agreed.

It was not a good diet weekend.

So let's see.  What else is coming up?  She's going to a competition in 2 weeks with the school team to observe the varsity team so when they actually go to one themselves, they know what to expect.   The first school team comp is in December & another in January at the Palace.  Studio team doesn't compete until like April / May / June.  Actually, I think there's one in each of those months!   Sheesh.  Wish her (and me!) luck!!

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