Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fire Up for Fall - the Finale (late!)

Crazy busy this week - so this will be quick.  I'm at work since I won't have time to do it at home!
I probably mentioned that the girl is dancing at the Detroit Lions half-time show at the Thanksgiving day game with Nickleback.  Anyway.  as soon as I get home, I have tot turn right around and take her to Ford Field to practice.  It was like that last night (which included a non-scenic drive home, because I made a wrong turn and we ended up driving thru a really, really bad part of Detroit - with 2 teenage girls in the car - to get home!!) will be like that tonight and will be even longer for dress rehearsal tomorrow. 

OK, in a nutshell - Lousy.   This has been the craziest fall of my entire life! 

Loss on the scale?  hit or miss.  a couple small losses and a huge gain and another decent loss.
Get out the Wii?  Well, I did get it out one day.  And luckily the snnoying little Wii person was more ga-ga about it being my 300th day than the fact it had been 30+ days since I'd been on it!
Get out walking?  Some, but not as much as I wanted.
Cider & donuts?  Once we got past Halloween - awesome! 
New recipe?  Sadly, none at all. 
Well, at least I pretty much maintained & not gained!

Here is my positive pic. 
This is the majority of the girls from our studio at Ford Field last night. 
Angel is the blonde right in the middle, leaning forward.

This is a close up of the shirts they're wearing.

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