Thursday, November 10, 2011


I am so mad at myself right now.  This is the 3rd week in a row that I've had a gain.  

3.0 FLIPPIN' LBS !!!!

Holy crap.   I did OK eating at work this week, since I ate what I packed (due to the massive rut I'm in) but mid-afternoon I start to get hungry.  So as soon as I get home, I'm raiding the cabinets.  I know more than one day this week I've had a bowl of cereal + refills as a snack.  Last weekend was a total bust at the dance convention.  I didn't even try, altho I did take fruit to the hotel with us.  And a 24 pack of water.

I ate a banana. 

Yeah.  One whole piece of fruit over the entire weekend.  Had pizza 2 days.  A bagel & cream cheese from the hotel coffee shop.  Mini muffins & low-fat PopTarts.  Lunch from A&W one day and the hotel buffet the other.  A bottle (yes - the entire bottle!) of chocolate wine with chocolate milk mixed in it.

Need I go on??   A whole lotta crap. 

I haven't even thought about tracking for days!  Totally forgot. 

What the heck can I do to remember to track???  When phone upgrade time rolls around, I want to get one that I can get a WW app on.  But until then (April) I have to fend for myself.  I've heard people mention wearing a charm bracelet.  Since I don't normally have anything on my wrists, that could work.  Then i could get a charm for each milestone when I finally reach them.  Hmm.  Thought to ponder.

I am so hating myself right now.  Plus I feel bloated & gross for some reason.  It's not TOM, and because I knew I was weighing in tonight, I didn't have anything bad.

THEN I'm going in for a physical tomorrow.  Yay.  Another scale to get on! 

Warning...TMI !!   I am going to ask the doc to be put back on the Pill when I go in.  We haven't been "preventing" for over 4 years now.  Obviously there aren't any Love babies in the cards and honestly - I'm 38 and my only child is 14.  As much as I still get the little pang in my chest when I see a baby, I don't really want one.  My body would hurt so badly!!!  Plus, babies are way too high-maintenance for my current level of laziness. Right now, I can leave said child home alone without fear of her burning the house down.  She can fix her own food.  She can (if nagged) do chores.

I'm really trying to convince myself to believe this. 

If it does nothing else (besides what it's supposed to!) it'll get my cycle back regular.  YAY!!!!

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