Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy November!

Gosh - I didn't do Fire Up for Fall or Friend Makin' Monday this week!  Well, it was Halloween after all.  I had a half day of work, then spent a quality 45 minutes at my least favorite place on earth - the dentist.  I finally got my darn crown cemented back on.  I really thought it was worse than it was - WHEW!!!

Then I went home & actually relaxed for a while - then as soon as Angel got home from school,  I took her to both Mom's & sister Linda's house to show off her costume.

 Little Red Awesome Hood 

 or...Helga the barmaid?

I wore a black top and skirt with green & black striped socks. 
And (in the words of the dental assistant) rocked the feathers!

Then because of a combination of traffic, Randy having to work late and her friend not knowing how to give directions - Angel stayed home with me for trick-or-treating.  She didn't seem horribly upset about it.  In fact, she was out in the driveway with me the entire time.   I so love to see the kids of all ages dressed up!  

Anyway.  Then the latest drama at the Love Shaque is....

She who is currently in her 9th year of dance / 2nd year of competition.....tripped while walking at school and fell against a wall.  And sprained her wrist.  She called me around lunchtime and sounded like she was fighting tears.  My wonderful, awesome boss (most of the time) didn't hesitate to let me leave.  When I got there, her wrist was all swollen and the bone stuck out kind of funny.  I'd already called the doctor but couldn't get her in for like 2 hours.  So I took her to Wendy's for a Frosty (chocolate makes everything better!! - but I was good & had diet Coke) and then home.  When I took her in - the doc suspected it was sprained, but still sent her for x-rays to make sure.  And it was.  Whew!  So she has to wear the brace for 2-3 weeks while at school & dance, but can take it off at home. 

So back to weigh in tonight......dun dun dun.......+1.2 lbs.  I'm really not surprised, since TOM just ended (which always seems to see a gain) and Halloween.  At least it wasn't a 5 lb gain like a lady had who was in there the same time I was!  She obviously partied harder than I did! However, on Tuesday, I took the day off work and did some shopping (after-H'ween sales!!) and then took my entire yard display down and put it away.  Then I got the front yard mowed until I ran out of daylight.  I finished the backyard while waiting to take Miss Angela to the doc on Wednesday.  So at least I haven't been a total slug! 

My challenge for this weekend is that I'm going to be stuck in a hotel (most likely bored) from Friday night til Sunday afternoon.  Angel's got a dance convention with her studio comp team in Detroit so she'll be busy.  I have an observer band to go in to watch the classes, but that can still get boring after a while.  I plan to take a cooler for water & snacks to keep in the room.  And likely a bottle of chocolate wine to share with the other mom who will be in the room with us.  I already know there will be pizza Saturday night.  Ugh.

Anyway, wish me luck! 

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