Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

I wasn't able to post this earlier because I was at my sister's house and I actually just chose not to!

I'll take off from the Lions game post.  Linda was supposed to stop by early to get my contributions to the feast so it would be at Laurie's.   I had called her at 7am to get her opinion on my leg, but she felt the same way I was bad, but not bad enough to go to the ER. So she agreed with me waiting to see my regular doc.  I'd had sleeping bags, pillows & my air mattress in the back of the car for a week already.  I hobbled around and got mine & Angel's clothes & stuff together and of course had the Lion's game on.  - Just my opinion....fights in hockey games are MUCH more entertaining than fights in football games.  All they can do is slap each other's helmets.  If they threw any punches, they'd break their hand! 

One of the other studio girls lives on our street, so her Mom was nice enough to both pick up and drop off Angel at home. Then Angel wanted to shower & we headed out to Laurie's.  We had the usual expected stuff for dinner.  Linda makes an amazing banana pudding that apparently is just like one that Grandma (who passed away when I was 2) used to make.  BIL Dave and nephew Jamie were there for dinner, then left.  Their allergies can't handle being in Laurie's house with all the critters. Linda & Mom both left Friday and Angel & I  stayed until Saturday.  I didn't get any pics of everyone at dinner!

 My sheltered family had never heard of planking before - so Angel had to show them.  
That created 3 days of entertainment!

Linda & I working on updating our glass block snowmen. 

 Lisa & Captain and Angel & Princess

 Laurie planking in the yard.  Kisses & Captains wondering "WTF?!?!"

 Angel can plank on horseback!


 Horseback half-planking.
Captain is such a great horse to put up with this & still look cheerful!

 An array of butts walking out to the arena. 

 Jack finally got tired of exploring and settled down near me. 

 Laurie & Kisses

 I was waving a sweatshirt to get Princess to put her ears up.  

 Got Kisses & Captain's attention!

 Laurie planking on horseback.

 Lisa doing English planking.

 This isn't what I think when someone rides without a saddle!


 Glad Princess is easy-going, too!

Kisses enjoying a good scratch!

So otherwise, it was an enjoyable, drama -free weekend.  It felt weird having people keep telling me to get off my feet & such.  However, I must have still been on them too much yesterday.  As soon as we got home, I took advantage of nice weather to put the chenille flying pig and all our Christmas blowmolds out in the front yard.  Then when I undressed to shower, I realized that my ankle was really swollen & bruised.  Angel promptly texted Laurie & tattled on me!  So then I was sent to my bed with a stack of pillows and a bag of frozen veggies (I don't have any ice!).  That killed me because I don't watch that much TV so I couldn't find anything good on!  Once the Red Wings game was over, I was bored until SNL came on at 11:30!! 

But I'll live.

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