Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fire Up for Fall - week 9

I went to a craft show with my Mom & sisters yesterday - this was one of the two that we go to every year.  Even tho I prefer Halloween, I still find myself excited about going to "Christmas in Clawson" and "Santa's Craft Castle" every year.  It's just a nice day with the "girls" and we have a good time. 

And of course when I got out of bed yesterday, my knee was bothering me.  It's hasn't hurt for weeks and the day I plan to do a lot of walking - it acts up.  But I made it OK.   I found a couple neat things and got some ideas for both Christmas and Halloween 2012. 

Today has been spent putting the last of the Halloween stuff away.  I get the outdoor stuff put away on November 1, but the inside stuff I leave out longer to enjoy.  Randy has been outside mulching the leaves that actually fell before Thanksgiving this year, cleaning out gutters and putting away patio furniture.  The neighbors probably think its weird to see him out working in the yard instead of me! 

Oh yeah - and my eating has been - eh.  I have gotten into the snacks a bit much.  I admit.  The girl finally realized there was a small jar full of candy corn on the shelf and some of them may have found their way into my tummy.   Same with the cookies.  Damn them!

So anyway.... here we go into week 9!  As usual I will be linking back to Rebecca's  site to join in the fun.

1. What have you done this week towards your goals? 
Loss on scale?  Ugh.  I don't even want to talk about the 3 lb gain this week!
Get out the Wii? Nope!
Get out walking? YES!  I couldn't stand the thought of wasting these last nice days, so the dog & I went around the park. I wish I would have went more times, tho.
Cider & donuts? None!
New recipe? Nope!
2. What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?  Went & had an annual physical & female exam.  Was told everything looked OK! 
3. What is the most positive thing you've taken away from this challenge?  That even tho I may mot be staying on plan well or getting results because of that, there are still supportive people out there who are going thru or have gone thru the same issues I am.
4. It's your last week, the run to the finish, what is your priority?  TRACKING!!!
5. Fun Stuff: Desert Island, you can take 1 person, 1 famous person and 3 items besides food and water. Who and What do you take?   I would take my husband.  Famous person would have to be someone cool & interesting like John Wayne (someone not a helpless wuss) - or if they have to actually be alive - someone funny like Bill Engvall.  My 3 things would be a camera with unlimited batteries, something to make fire with and a big box of books.

LOL - I asked Randy (husband) & Angel (daughter) what they'd say about #5.  Randy said he'd take a comedian for his famous person and his 3 things would be a star chart, a full ham radio station and something to build a fire with.   Angel said she'd take one of her friends & Taylor Lautner.  Then a blanket, pillow & clothes.

This is my positive pic.  At the craft show I really wanted to find something to help remind me to do my tracking.  So I found this really neat bracelet.  I love the blue stones on it!  Since I don't normally wear one, the idea is that having it there will remind me to track.  Especially since that is what I bought it to signify.  That's the hope, anyway!  I need to make sure to actually wear it so it will do the reminding!

And the blue "I Can Do It" thingy is a quilted pouch to hold my WW pocket guide.  

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