Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh my!

I've been SO missing in action!  I haven't been to weigh in for 2 weeks.  Last week was Thanksgiving & this past week, the girl was dancing with the school team at the township tree lighting ceremony.

They were so cute with the black sparkly Santa hats!

I was a bit disappointed with whatever moron scheduled that - why would you have the choir & orchestra out playing carols, bring the township officials out to yammer.  Bring Santa out, give him a key to the township, flip on the lights on the "official" tree - then tell everyone to stick around for another 30 minutes to watch the dance team???  How totally unfair!!!  I commented on the township FaceBook page & the township clerk replied that she noticed that, too & was going to bring it up to the planning committee next year.  Good!

Anyway.  Next week on the scale is going to be horribly scary.   I got a boo-boo during dress rehearsal for the Detroit Lions half-time show the day before Thanksgiving.   After the first run thru of the entire production with Nickelback and FoxSports - they decided that they wanted us - the Mosh Pit - to run to the stage instead of walk calmly.  So we (there were probably 30 of us in our group) heard our cue & took off running.  I felt something pop on the back of my calf & thought someone had kicked me.  It really freakin' hurt & as I was trying to clap & dance right next to the stage (right in front of the one guitarist!!!)  I kept looking down at my leg, since it felt like something was running down it.  Anyway, I was basically useless the rest of the night.  I could hardly walk, let alone run out there.  Thursday I got up early because my sister Linda was coming by to pick up my contributions to Thanksgiving dinner at sister Laurie's house.  I was almost in tears because my leg hurt so bad.

Anyway, I toughed it out.  I was concerned but didn't think it was bad enough to go to the ER.  I hobbled all weekend & even passed on horseback riding!  Saturday when Angel & I got home - I went to go shower & realized my calf & ankle were all swollen & there was some nasty bruising around my ankle.  Randy was still in Arkansas, so Angel texted Laurie & tattled on me!   I was ordered to bed with a pile of pillows & a bag of frozen veggies.

I went to the doctor Monday & had it checked out.  Ya know - hearing the doctor look and say "Oh, my!" doesn't really give you a lot of hope!  When she suspected it was a torn muscle and was concerned for my Achilles tendon, & Tuesday I went for an ultrasound.  I found out I ruptured my plantaris tendon.  It is a common injury among tennis players, due to starting & stopping suddenly.  In my case, it was from taking off running.  So anyway, it's been  painful & colorful.  I can't take a long stride, so I've been limping - which puts more effort on my bad left knee!  Doc said to treat it symptomatically.  Otherwise - suck it up & deal!   I'm really looking forward to being able to wear shoes other than my winter boots or my ballet flats - since I can't wear socks other than the peeky-boo ones.


At least my gingerbread goalie ornament is cute!!

Soooo, I haven't been trying in the slightest to stay on plan.  I did see an email that the WW plan is changing like tomorrow, so I'm going to read up on it and make sure I stay for the meeting next week.  I've been entirely too lax in skipping them.

Sigh.  It really sucks getting old.  Terina from the studio (whose idea it was to be in the Mosh Pit) really felt bad and keeps asking how its going.  She said next year she's going to offer a conditioning class for us before we go!  LOL!

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