Thursday, February 4, 2016

Deep thoughts...

Someone posted a question on the Blogging On Your Own Terms FB page today - Why did you start your blog?  AC is the initials of the person who asked the question...

*AC - Why did you start your blog? Build your business? Have a place to write? Make extra money? Or something else?
*Me - A place to write. Funny that I never thought of myself as a "writer" but I guess that's what I do!
*AC - Funny how that happens. In high school I thought writing was something you did when you were not good at anything else. lol. Now I write. How come you wanted a place to write instead of speak or do some other activity?
*Me -  Loved my high school English classes! I started my first blog back in 2009 so I can't remember exactly WHY I started. It was more of a journal and a place to vent than anything else. I still don't have many followers, but I do have my regular commenters so I feel they're keeping me going.
*AC - Oh cool. How has your blogged changed over the last six years?
*Me - My posts used to be really long and ramble on WAY too long, and I never used titles - just the date. And no pictures ~gasp~! Now while I do still cover multiple topics, I keep it shorter and more to the point and break it up with pictures and comics and hopefully some wit!

The thoughts that began running thru my mind later went deeper.  I think I started writing because it was an outlet to put my thoughts & opinions out without being talked over or interrupted and topic changes come when *I* want them to.  For some reason, I seem to be that person that always manages to have the middle of my sentence get in the way of the beginning of someone else's.  No matter what the conversation is, too.  It happened when I was a kid and it still happens today.  Recently I was asking my boss about something work-related that I needed to know and a coworker started talking over me about her grandkids or whatever to the boss - and suddenly what I was asking wasn't important. WTF.  It truly pissed me off and I was not upset at all when she was a victim of the desk-shuffle at work (it happens occasionally - the owner of the company like to randomly move us around for reasons only known to him).  I'm in a big corner by myself and I know if anyone ventures over, they're here to talk to ME.  And it amazes me that some people can butt in and ramble about nothing and people will listen, but I try to say something what I think is relevant and worthwhile and I appear to get a time limit to speak.

Gratuitous Cat Picture

Anyhoo.  I went back and looked at my first post (and cringed) on Blogger back in July 2009 - then I remembered I'd been writing on Yahoo 360 before that, but they closed down or something and I lost all my earliest posts, I was a dork for not importing them out but they were probably just as crappy anyway. 

Someone else on the BOYOT FB page asked about having more than one blog.  I commented that I have 3 and described each.  This one is my blog of total randomness (aka LIFE), then there's ..Slow & Steady for my weightloss & gettin' healthy blog and last but not least Maple Grove Cemetery is for my Halloween display & cemetery explorations.  Someone commented that the weight loss one & this one could be easily combined and may help generate traffic to my blog. 

I went back & forth back at the beginning about whether or not these should be 2 separate blogs or not.  And now that it was brought to the forefront of my brain again, I'm waffling again.  I'm not fanatical about traffic, altho it is nice.  I really only post over at ...SnS once or twice a week.  And I use my regular Twitter account for both.  I don't even mention ...SnS on Instagram or Facebook.  

MGC has it's own blog, FB page, Twitter & Instagram accounts, so there's no question of ever combining THAT with anything else.  Just ain't happening.   

So what do you think?  Would you be opposed to seeing weekly checkins here after my Weight Watcher meetings?  And maybe the occasional recipe?  I'm not a foodie by any stretch (altho I clearly really LIKE food, hence the need for WW), but I may consider sharing something good once in a while. 

If I did combine them, it wouldn't be until after the April A-Z Challenge anyway. 


I'm sharing this belatedly over at Amy's blog, too. 

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