Saturday, February 13, 2016

And now this happened...

Miss Angela managed to add some new character marks to her car!  We were having some snow squalls Friday afternoon and the roads were slick in patches - she couldn't stop at a red light and slid thru the intersection - and got hit by a pickup.  Thankfully, he'd just started up from the light and wasn't going very fast at all, so the damage is VERY minor and nobody was hurt.   She called me up crying & freaking out.  I established her & the boyfriend were OK and off the road.  I told her to make sure they called 9-1-1 and I'd have Randy call her since I really didn't know what she should do!   Luckily when the police finally showed up, (and gave her a ticket) the officer was really nice and explained everything to her.  So Tuesday she gets to call and set up a date at the courthouse, woo fun!

Somehow I don't think that window will be rolling down anymore! And I'm kinda nervous about even seeing if the door will open, since I'm not 100% sure it would close again. So we'll just leave it.  Glad the other driver was in a truck, because, altho the hubcap is broken, it appears the tire & axle are OK. If it had been a lower vehicle, we may not have been so lucky.

edit : we checked the door on 2/28/16 and it does NOT open!

This was also happening today!  There was a flock of at least 25 robins going back & forth between our backyard and the next-door neighbor's front yard!  One of my coworkers who lives hear the woods said she hears them all winter long, but I'd never seen so many of them at one time and definitely not this early!  And it was the coldest day we've had so far so they looked like puffballs with beaks.


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