Thursday, February 11, 2016

No weigh in this week

I'm sure I could still get one in, but I'm curious to see how it goes after finally starting to purposely exercise.  Both Tuesday & tonight I did the Leslie Sansone Walk Slim 3 Fast Miles which equates to 45 minutes of a good cardio sweat, right in my living room! So I plan on doing it Saturday & again Monday.  

I was actually planning on going to the meeting on Wednesday until I saw a note that Miss Angela brought home about a Q&A meeting at the studio about Nationals in June - at the same time as the WW meeting is.  Oh man.  

2 years ago, every single dance they took to Regionals moved on to Nationals, so they're quite confident.  I'm kinda getting excited - more than a week in Charleston SC!  Too bad most of it will be in a convention center.  

Anyhoo, it looks like 2 weeks until I earn my massage!  I'm still having a hard time getting 5 fruits or veg in each day!  I usually have a Lean Cuisine or Smart One for lunch and I have a hard time believing those have a full serving of veggies.  
The eTools went nuts when it updated with all those FitPoints!  I saw the email where they're going to adjust how the site calculates FitPoints and such.
I'm going to start bumping up my goal # of steps in my journal.
I thought this was funny!  I checked my FitBit app Tuesday and saw this!  I showed Randy and started laughing and that sent it over 10K!
So I have those steaks in the oven right now and the house smells so good!  I could have taken them out and been happy 15 minutes ago, but Randy doesn't like his as rare as me.  Pansy!


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