Thursday, February 4, 2016

Moving right along...and some deep thoughts.

Woohoo, down 2.4 lbs at weigh in on Tuesday! I also learned that if you wear your FitBit on the front of your bra, you shouldn't wear a purse across your body.  We went to see the Monster Trucks at Ford Field (home of the Detroit Lions).  We walked in from the parking lot, walked around the entire 2nd level concourse, then during intermission walked not quite a quarter way back around the concourse and back to get Miss Angela & temporarily adopted daughter Brittney pizza.  My Fitbit for the day registered 6121 steps.  I don't think so!  Maybe my purse stopped the bounce?  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  However on Monday I made up for it and finally broke 10,000 steps - WOOHOOO!! 

So here's my Dime hournal for last week.  I need to refine some of the items to be more specific.  Vitamins need to be am/pm and to Fly I need to have my sink shined and have done the daily routine.  
Here's my FitBit report.  I hate that it ends on Sunday when my WW week ends on Monday. 
This is the closest I've gotten to a progress report on the WW site.  So at least I know the FitPoints I record on my Work In Progress spreadsheet (on the tab above) match with something!
Gratuitous Cat Picture
So here's my thoughts. I just finished doing a 10 Day Blog Makeover Challenge. You probably don't see anything different, because I haven't done anything with it! It was interesting but it seemed to be geared more toward DIY / lists / motivational / selling product blogs than mine is. The Facebook page that goes along with it is quite interesting, too. It's called Blogging on Your Own Terms. Most everyone is really supportive and someone is bound to be able to answer any questions you may have. It's actually a good way to find other blogs in (or maybe not!) your niche to read. And you'll probably end up with few new followers, too!

Anyhoo, someone posted a question about having multiple blogs.  I personally have 3.  This one, then there's Tales from the Love Shaque, my personal one about life in general and last but not least is Maple Grove Cemetery about my Halloween display and cemetery explorations.  Someone commented on my answer that I could easily combine this blog with my general blog.  

Back in the day, I waffled a lot between separating or combining the 2.  In fact I meshed & unmeshed them several times.  But since the bug got put back in my ear, I've really been thinking about it.  Combining them back together, that is. 

If I end up doing this, which I am seriously considering - it wouldn't happen until after the April A-Z Challenge anyway.  And I have to research how to direct people from here to TFTLS.  Since I really only post here once or twice a week, it won't be much drama in regards to content.  It was mentioned that it would probably generate more traffic to my general blog and SEOs would like it better.  I'm really not in blogging for the traffic & hits.  I prefer quality over quantity anyway!

So that's the scoop.  Do you have any thoughts about one of my bits of Blogosphere merging with another?


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