Friday, February 26, 2016

Sometimes it sucks being female......

I shall try my damnedness to keep this un-gross for my gentle readers.  Lets face it, 8 years in the Navy took away all shame & modesty regarding my body.  Even the regular monthly visitor isn't anything to be ashamed of.  Discreet, yes.  Ashamed, no.  But there is nothing regular or normal going on right now!

Rolling back several months.  I missed my period in October.  A couple weeks rolled by and I told Randy.  We just stared at each other, since not long after we got married, I went 4 whole years without taking the Pill and procreation did not happen.  Why NOW, when I'm 42?  We decided to wait a few more days, then take a test.  There were symptoms.  Tenderness.  Clothes felt tight. Nausea.  Cravings.  Etc.  Then The Visitor arrived and would not go away for like 3 weeks.  Stopped.  Started again way too soon.  Lasted too long.  And so on. General suckitude.

I thought maybe it would be a good idea to go back on the Pill. to get things straightened out.  Nope.  Made them 1000 times worse!  This was earlier this month.  I took them for a week and was all "F this Shit!" and stopped taking them.  Then I had a couple days of really bad back-aches where I thought I'd pulled something in my lower back, but figured out they were cramps.  Those eased but it won't go away and has proceeded to just get heavier & grosser & yeah.  Today was exceptionally bad.  I literally left my mark in multiple places. Thank God for dark jeans!

edit : I was taking ones my male doctor prescribed, but the female gyn told me that particular kind suck! 

So I went to the doctor.  I knew my general practitioner would refer me elsewhere.  We chatted about what it could possibly be, and I went next door to the ob/gyn he suggested.  (Sadly, they didn't set up my appointment with Dr. Love - that would have been hilarious!!)  We chatted, then she examined me.  I have NEVER been so mortified or so grossed out.  I swear the room looked like a crime scene when I was done.  She gave me a prescription for a different dosage of the Pill and told me a certain way to take them to hopefully get things settled down quicker.  Fingers crossed!  They took blood (as if I had any to spare!!) and I got to pee in a cup (that was a fun experience ~insert eye roll here~) and sent me for an ultrasound.

The tech commented about a couple small fibroids she thought she saw in my uterus, and one large one.  I won't get the "official" word until tomorrow when the doc calls me with the results.   I have to go back next week for a follow up and to talk about treatment.  Which will probably be a D&C, which is basically scraping the gunk out of my uterus.  But she also wants to talk about other options, some of which would be permanent.  So I'm making Randy go with me to that one.

So there was my exciting Friday afternoon.  Here's a picture of my crabapple tree from last spring so there's something nice & pretty & happy in this post!

Send some thoughts & prayers this way if you want.  I'll need all the help I can get!



  1. Hopefully everything turns out OK. My mother actually went through what you are at roughly the same age. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.
    And the tree is pretty.

    1. I've pretty much decided that fibroids suck! Thanks for the thoughts!


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