Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monster Jam Detroit 1/30/16

Every year we got to see Monster Jam.  We've only missed one year since 2000 and it was because there was a nasty ice storm and we chose not to risk getting stuck in Detroit.  To make up for it, we sat at home and watched a DVD of the history of Monster Jam at the Pontiac Silverdome.  Watching monster trucks on TV is NOT the same.  This quick clip I shot there gives you a good idea, tho.
There were 17 trucks. Got to love the names of them!
On this side from far to near is Gravedigger, Dragon, Scooby Doo, Alien Invasion, Son Uva Digger, Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Solider Fortune Black Ops, Gunslinger, Hurricane Force, Storm Damage, Scarlet Bandit, Bounty Hunter and Mohawk Warrior. 
 On this side is Jester, Ice Cream Man, Razin Kane and the Xtermigator.
Randy was working way up north at the Sno-Drift doing radio stuff so he couldn't go.  That was kind of a bummer, since he always takes a radio and tunes into the frequency production uses so we get the behind-the-scenes insight - when they're coming out to do the anthem,  problems with trucks, which truck broke and isn't coming back, etc.  So Angel asked one of her friends to go.
I was ticked that I forgot to take my actual camera with me.  How could I have forgotten that??  So these are some rather crappy cell-phone pics.  So I won't be posting pics of every truck, because I missed the first 2 doing freestyle, due to the slowest concession people in the world and the rest I simply didn't get good, clear shots of.
Grave Digger & Son Uva Digger, racing finalists. 
The original Grave Digger was started by Dennis Anderson.  He now has a bunch of trucks and 8 other drivers, one of whom is his son Adam.  Son Uva Digger is driven by his son Ryan Anderson.  Angel was torn, because Gravedigger has always been her favorite truck, but some other guy was driving.  So does she root for her favorite truck, or a real Anderson??
 Solider Fortune Black Ops.
 Alien Invasion.
Ice Cream Man.  
I personally thought they needed to play ice cream truck music.  There's always a silent moment at the end of the run before the crowd starts cheering and that would have been perfect there.
Scooby Doo.  
There are multiple drivers for Scooby Doo and each of the 4 are females.  Girl Power!  Scarlet Bandit is also driven by a woman.  There's actually a surprising number of female drivers and they're just as crazy as the guys!
the Xtermigator. 
Son Uva Digger. 
It was a really nice day. but we chose to park in our usual lot which is right across the street from Ford Field and right at the on-ramp for the highway (and we pay for this convenience - $50!!!)  I didn't want to be roaming around Downtown Detroit with 2 cute blonde girls.  The benefit of parking so close is there are a lot of police right there, directing traffic and whatnot.  So I felt safe.  We didn't even attempt to eat at one of the restaurants down there.  Every time we've tried to get into the Hockeytown Cafe, there's at least a 90 minute wait, if not more. We've never tried Cheli's Chili because there's always been a line out the door.  So we stopped and grabbed food on the way down and then they wanted pizza at intermission.

It was a lot of fun as usual and while we ~could~ go to the next show at the end of February, we'll just wait until next January to go again.

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