Tuesday, February 16, 2016

War analogies??

Rosa, my leader at WW made WAY too many analogies tonight.  The whole "you may lost a few battles, but you can still win the war" and "we are revolutionaries", etc, etc, etc.  Weird.

Anyhoo.  I was up 1.5 lbs and the reasons why all popped immediately into my head.  It simply all adds up to bad choices.  Randy & I went out to an early Valentine dinner Saturday night.  We began with amaretto sours, then I had a plate of veal scallopini marsala and followed up with a nutty Irishman coffee (with Baileys and other good stuff in it).  Sunday morning we had cinnamon rolls.  Sunday night was Chinese carry out. Sweet & sour chicken.  Fried Rice.  Crab Rangoons.  Ya know.  And Monday we had beer battered fish sticks & french fries.   That basically totally negated the 3 days of 3 mile Walk at Home workouts.

I was planning on 4 walks, but I must have been fighting a bug this weekend.  I couldn't get warm most of Saturday and spent a lot of time under the covers in bed, with my feet under the biggest cat.  Sunday, I moved furniture around in the bedroom to clean and found many hair ties, hair clippies and a lot of earrings I've been missing.  And dust bunnies enough to take over the world!

But I have no choice but to own up to it and move on.  And I'm sure that the mild female issues I've been having hasn't helped any!

So here's my journal for last week.  I'm seeing the left side numbers coming up some, except for the bottom part of the list.  I'm been keeping up on laundry and dishes, but I haven't been shining the sink at night (I'm not nuts, look here!)  and for Taps, it should be 3/5 days since I don't even both trying on Friday & Saturday nights.

You can really tell the days I did the Walk At Home DVDs!  And wearing heels to the store registers steps more easily than when I wear tennis shoes!  Because Sunday I did some shopping at Hobby Lobby and was in there for a good hour and didn't clock many steps.
 My FitBit Progress report.  Love that 51 flights of stairs!
So tomorrow should be another DVD day, but last weekend was a big Ice Festival in town. so I'm going to take the dog and go walk around, looking at the ice sculptures and stuff.  It's only supposed to get up to 30* tomorrow so I'll be really bundled up and we probably won't be out there long so Jack doesn't get too cold.  But some fresh air & a happy dog make it worthwhile!  I can always do a shorter DVD when I get home.  I've been cold a lot lately, so they really help to warm me up!

So I better sign off so I can get ready for bed.  It's getting late - chao!


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