Saturday, February 27, 2016

This has been a bad week.

Not only weight-loss related, just stuff in general.

First I've been having female issues again.  I've mentioned them not too long ago.  The link goes to my bother blog that explains in detail.  Last Sunday I woke up with lower back pain.  Monday it hurt so bad, a coworker gave me one of her prescription Motrin 600s and all it did was dull the pain.  Tuesday I cried my way thru the shower before work, it hurt so bad.  I took 3 220mg ibuprofen before work and another 500 at lunch and it finally started to be tolerable.

Wednesday I still had pain, but I was finally figuring out it was cramps, too.  Oh yay, my favorite thing!  And we got crap-tons of snow dumped on us.  It was warm enough to make the snow really heavy, too.  We didn't shovel until Thursday afternoon, tho.  It was even worse, since we'd driven on the driveway multiple times, so it was really packed down.
Thursday morning is when the issues started getting bad.  And I got mad at the family to the point where this meme could have been true.  Pardon the language.  (I actually think this is pretty hilarious now!)  I don't even want to write about it, since I dealt with things badly and ended up having to apologize to both Randy & Angel even tho they were the ones being stubborn buttheads.
So moving on.  Due to above said female issues, I didn't go weigh in this week.  Friday morning at the regular doctor's office, wearing jeans and not long after breakfast, I weighed in at 222.8.  Which is up a bit from 219.5 from last week.  That mid-afternoon in a different doctor's office, still wearing jeans but having only had a cup of yogurt since earlier, I was down to 221.3.  Meh.  Guess that's not too bad.

Oh, this is so weird!  Friday afternoon after I got home from all the doctor visits, I was laying across the bed with the cats and dozed off for a little bit.  I woke up with a cramp in my leg.  My right foot was rolled inward and I couldn't straighten it out or put any weight on it.  It hurt so bad that I started feeling faint!  At least I think that's what it was.  I felt hot & my vision was going black around the edges and I was having a hard time keeping my balance.  Once I almost fell, so I sat back down on the bed and held on until I started feeling clearer.  I was sore for the rest of the night.  It was a weird place, tho.  It wasn't directly above my ankle bone on the outside and not directly in back, but in between.  And below my actual calf muscle.   Weird.

I've been doing really lousy in my journalling this week, also.  Here's last week's round-up.  I finally reached my massage goal!  HOOORAY!!!  I still have a knot between my shoulder blades from shovelling Thursday night, so a massage would be very welcome.  I just need to get my booty into the place to get it done.  Now I'm going to start over to work toward another massage!
 2 out of the 7 days had over 6000 steps, 2 of them had over 7000 and one had over 9000!
So that's the excitement going on here. Randy was so funny tonight. He noted that our Saturday consisted of 2 trips to Tim Hortons (and we STILL haven't won anything on Roll Up the Rim to Win!!), 2 different Salvation Armies, 2 trips to CVS, a dollar store, a nap and dinner at the Thai restaurant where Angel works. It sounds kind of sad, but we are OK with that!

So send some thoughts & good mojo & prayers this way so my health issues get resolved and have a great day!

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