Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ice & Graffiti

Every year there is an Ice Festival just down the road from us.  But we have never actually gone TO the festival!  It was actually crazy cold & windy last weekend, when it was held.  So yeah - not going!   But I usually take the dog and we'll walk around Utica in the days afterward to see the ice carvings that are left.  

We went today.  I didn't get pictures of all the carvings, since some were already broken and some I didn't care about like Pooh, Mickey & Peanuts, etc. 

Each block was sponsored by a local business. You can see their logos on/in some of them.  Most blocks were originally about 4 feet tall by like 2 feet square. 

 Outside the Fire Department - go figure! 

 I heard the theme was "Love" - pretty appropriate for Valentine's weekend!
 It's hard to see his stick, but he's a hockey guy.  There's one every year!
 Diamond ring.
 Not sure if there are cockatoos or supposed to be 'love' birds. 
 Pretty ironic that this sea turtle - a US Navy symbol for being a Shellback, (one who has crossed the Equator and been initiated by King Neptune) - was outside the tattoo parlor where I got my tattoo last summer commemorating 20 years of me being a Shellback!

 This is a cupid shooting his bow, while standing on a car.  Sponsored by some auto insurance place. 
 The UAW tulip.  
 This was outside Hogs Hollow Smokehouse Bar & Grill.  The block in the middle says True Love and the things on either side are toilets!

 Jack was checking out Spiderman. 
 Outside a barber shop, of course! 

I was really surprised to see another bird outside the police department.  Thought they'd have something police-related.  Kinda disappointed. 

They are in the process of building a new minor league ball field, actually just beyond the point of this unicorn.  I realized now that this is the mascot for the new team!  
Lancelot of the Utica Unicorns

 Cookie Monster!
Pretty sure Genisys Credit Union was a huge sponsor of all the goings-on.  This huge bench has their emblem under the crown thingy. 
This would have been cool to see.  To kick off the events Friday night, they had a big fire inside this block.  It was easily 10 feet tall.  I barely had to bend to look into a hole in the middle. 
 Those last 5 were in the "municipal park" which is right near the library and M-59.  This tunnel goes underneath M-59.  The flowers caught my attention, but the graffiti was pretty neat, too! 

 The Clinton River. 

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    1. I was impressed on how fast they got those carved. We saw them unloaded a truck with pallets of ice block on Wednesday night and the event started Friday night!


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