Saturday, April 8, 2017

What's Up, Weekend? 4/8/17

What's up, Wednesday?

I'm linking up with the Flynnigans and the rest of the Peaceful Posse.  This is going to be a hard post to write for me today, but I'll try to keep it positive! 

1.  This video goes back to Tuesday's post about last weekend's dance competition.  
The TeamDOS Clown Car.  The only thing that's missing is the clown music!
2.  Going outside and taking the dog for a walk as soon as I finish this post.

3.  Going to see a comedy show tonight with the hubby. 

OK, I'm drawing a blank on any more.  My heart hurts too much.  

We had 2 Rainbow Bridge crossings this week.  First was my sister's cat, Charly.  She'd actually been declining (I'll spare details) and when the vet came out Tuesday to check on Laurie's horses, she asked him if he could give her the shot.  So Wednesday was her funeral.
Charly was 13 1/2 and was born in Laurie's barn.  She was such a character and was always right there in the action when we had family gatherings at Laurie's house. 

The second is near & dear to my heart.  My own sweet fur-baby, Chester, took his final nap in the sunshine yesterday.  I didn't even notice that I didn't see him when I got home from work (and neither did Angel) which I should have - he's always greeted us at the door.  I was grabbing some earrings off my bedside table (I was supposed to go out last night but plans changed) when something made me look behind the pillows on the bed and there he was.  

We're all devastated since he'd been with us almost 14 years.  July 2003 I'd walked into the local Humane Society to find a friend for my (now late) Skeeter and I couldn't resist this pair of orange paws that kept reaching out to me and only me!  I asked to take him into a meeting room and I just couldn't let him go.  
I could tell a million stories about how sweet he was, how the other cats just loved him, how he always greeted anyone who came into our house, how he was the 'spokecat' for when the food or water bowls were empty, how he was the best snuggler, how he'd just recently taken to draping himself across my torso when the alarm went off in the morning, how he always mooched at dinnertime.   I could go on for hours. 

I'm grateful that we were able to spend so many years with him.  
And I'm grateful that he wasn't ill or in any pain, he'd just gone to sleep. 

Rest In Peace, my sweet orange boy. 
 I'm sure my Dad up in Heaven has already made room for you on his lap!  

Let's hope the rest of the weekend is better.


  1. So sorry for your losses, Lisa. We had to put one of our cats to sleep a few years ago. Fortunately one of the neighborhood strays saw the vacancy and took up residence.
    G is for Genesis

    1. Thanks! It's still hard, since our 2 girl cats have been wandering around, still looking for him. I know it'll get easier, eventually.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Charly and Chester. It's such a sad time - your pets are as much a part of the family as your children. I dread the time when I'll have to write a post like this. Hugs to you and your sister.

    1. Thanks. It's been a while since I have written one of these. It's never fun.

  3. ARGHHHHHHH my comment just deleted. Wonderful.

    Sorry that I'm just now making my way over to your lovely little space.
    First and foremost, I just wanted to say how sorry I am on the passing of both Chester and Charlie and I wanted to send my love and condolences. It's always so hard when we lose a pet, they always take a piece of us with them, I think, and it just hurts the heart. :(

    Take care of yourself, okay? xoxo


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