Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Weigh In Wednesday!

So.  I was only down 0.2 lbs at my meeting last night, but I consider that a huge victory!

Ya see, last weekend Miss Angela's dance team was at a competition.  We have a thing where most of the parents sign up to bring food to share.  That means basically a 2 day buffet of not-always-the-healthiest choices sitting there - staring at me all weekend. 
On the table to the left is the giant box of Tim Horton's Timbits and to the right is PB&J & white bread, hotdogs, pizza, chicken nuggets, and hooray!  A veggie tray with hummus! 

Saturday was OK.  We stopped at Timmy's on the way in for coffee & turkey sausage / egg whites on an English muffin  Angel didn't dance so I only stuck around to see the little girls' solos, then left.  I went home & mowed the back yard and made the traditional night-before-comp spaghetti for Angel.  Then took a nice nap and went back to watch the teens do their solos (and take Angel her "pasghetti").  

Sunday was a different story.  A stop at Dunkin' Donuts this time (Gasp, I cheated on Timmy!) for coffee & a turkey sausage flatbread.  (just know that donuts did happen even if I didn't mention them!)  Angel had all 6 of her dances, (post on the comp coming soon - I'm waiting to get access to the photos & videos - the photographer was excellent!) so I was there all day with her.  So yeah - the food. 

I was quite happy that there was a drinking fountain in the hall between our storage closet dressing room and the auditorium, so I was able to keep my water bottle filled up all day. 

Saturday, thanks to mowing the lawn,  I had over 10K steps in and Sunday I only had 7K (my Fitbit goal) but 22 flights of stairs! That's probably accurate since we quickly discovered the best view of the stage for the groups was way up in the back of the auditorium.  So we'd go in to watch the girls dance, then back out to the dressing room to help out with costumes changes & hair. 

Yesterday, my family was picking on me.   Randy posted this on Facebook, 
Then later, Angel sent me this text!
I LoOoOoVvVvVvE Tim Horton's - they have the best donuts & sandwiches & coffee & everything.  And they're are 3 within a mile of my work.  Way too convenient!

Moving on.  I don't think I'll be going to Zumba tonight.  I've been having quick, sharp little pains shooting thru my knee off & on since I got up this morning and I don't want to aggravate it.  Plus I have a ton of stuff I need to get done around the house.  I still have ALL the Easter decorations sitting on the kitchen table, ready to be packed back in the totes. 

AND, we'll be bringing our new addition home this weekend!  I'm going out to my sister's house to get her barn cat, Rusty and bring him home!  Actually, he's going to the vet first to get checked out & vaccinated, THEN he's coming home!  

How about a chuckle?  I've felt like this too many times!



  1. I love the Falling Off the Wagon photo! So true!

  2. Hey, holding one's own or eve incremental losses are still a win, win, win! At least you didn't cave and totally blow off your diet all weekend.
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