Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!! 13 in 13 Round Up

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, however you may celebrate it!

We got to my sister Laurie's house on Friday night and we all went out to dinner then back to Laurie's for some games & visiting.  Saturday was coloring eggs, the big family Easter dinner, then practically everyone left!  It was my family left to stay last night.  So we went into town & walked around a new store that recently opened up & stopped at Tim Horton's for a coffee & then back to Laurie's for some more games.  Today, Randy fixed us breakfast & we looked for some Easter eggs out in the yard & watched the Red Wings game until we got too disgusted and turned it off.  Then Laurie & I went horseback riding for a little bit.  Then we came home.   My whole weekend in a paragraph!

 Angel decorating the bunny cake. 

 Laurie & Angel decorating the tree - 
notice the 2 supervisors in the background. 

 Randy looking for eggs.

 Laurie & I looking for eggs with Jack's assistance. 

Angel & Laurie

Laurie & Captain and me & Princess.
It's been a long time since I rode bareback!

So anyway, I didn't attempt to stay on plan, but I don't think I did terribly bad.  I made sure to drink plenty of water, since I tend to forget & let myself get dehydrated while gone for weekends.

Oh my!  Time to check in on the 13 in 13 challenge!  I'm going to do my round-up a bit early since the A-Z Challenge begins tomorrow and it's going to mildly crazy for a while until I get into the swing of things.  I don't have as many posts pre-written as I would have liked, so I'm sort of concerned about that.

1. rededicate myself to WW - Doing pretty well with this.  I didn't make it 1 meeting this past month, but I did stop in to get on the scale.  I've finally settled on Wednesday evening meetings.  Rosa, the leader, has the most annoying voice ever, but she gets excited for people and does neat things like have everyone write down how many miles you've walked that week and she adds them up and moves a pin on the map.  These last 2 weeks, I've helped in my small way to get us from Rochester Hills, MI to Ft. Myer, FL!  This week we're supposed to have a Florida party for the meeting. 

btw, since 2/28, I've lost 2 pounds.  Not as good as I've hoped, but at least it's moving in the right direction!

*keep on trucking!

2. post eTools progress report weekly - check!

* keep on doing this!  I'm really conscious about tracking 100% since I'm posting them.

3. earn at least 15 WW activity points weekly - um,  Fail.  I have no excuses, it just has not happened.  I'm getting some, just not 15.  Need to work on that!

*get your butt moving!!

4. use my waist & arm / thigh trimmers while doing DVDs or Wii Fit - check!

* doing good!

5. plan meals weekly - check!

*saves lots of hassle.

6. eat more / new veggies every week - check!


7. be a better blogger - check!  I said above that I'm not as prepared as I wanted for the A-Z, but I won't be behind!

*This month I need to make sure I visit plenty of blogs, too!

8. spend at least 15 minutes per day straightening up my house - eh.  Judging by how it looks right now.  No.  But the bathrooms were cleaned before we left for the weekend and there were no dishes in the sink. There is still a mountain of laundry to fold / put away on the couch.. .but I have an able-bodied 15 year old who will be home most of next week for Spring Break (I'll be at work) who can take care of this while she sits in front of the TV.


9. make time for ME!! for exercise & meetings - getting better.

10. find plans & designs for holiday displays (tomato cage trees / MGC fence / potion book) - mostly fail.  I did look at some plans while I was researching "F" for the challenge.

*it's hard getting into the Halloween frame-of mind when I'm excited about seeing flowers in the yard!

11. work on RACES certification - fail.



13. wean myself off pop - I did good this weekend (as in NONE!), but had a Coke Zero as soon as we got home.

Rebecca’s March Challenge - Try Something New!  Let's see.  I can't think of anything really new that I did, but I did several things that I haven't in a long time.  My bellydance DVD is one and horseback riding bareback today is another.  Riding with no saddle really took me out of my comfort zone, especially when the horses are frisky after a long winter of being not ridden often.  Really works your thigh muscles, too!

Alrighty, I'm going to wrap this up.  I didn't sleep well on the air mattress Friday night, since Randy set it up under the basement window & the Arctic blast on my head made it tough to sleep.  Saturday we stayed up late watching SNL, then I woke up at 4:30 and realized we didn't set out the Easter baskets, so I got up to do that.  Of course everything was still just tossed in the tote, so I had to assemble them.  Then I was up again at 7:30 to take care of the horses.  So I'm ready for my own bed!

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