Saturday, March 9, 2013

I saw a robin today!


For me, that is a sure sign of Spring!  And before leaving for work Friday (I had to catch a ride with a co-worker since my car was in the shop) I took the opportunity to check out my flower beds and I saw tulips and daffodils starting to poke up thru the mulch!  Hooray!!

Anyhoooo.  I set my alarm and got up earlier than I really wanted and went to the first WW meeting this morning.  Saturday's are insane at that place!!   Every single seat was filled & there were at least 6 or 7 of us standing along the back wall.

Today's topic was about taking 10 minutes out of your day and plan your meals, Points-wise. O.M.G. I felt like such a ditz that I've never done this in all the time I've been going to WW.   It's so simple!  I have been extremely good (lately) about tracking everything, but too often I find myself with like 8 Points for dinner or something like that.  So planning would be a good idea!

Although it also does not help that I've been getting munchies lately when I know darn well that I'm not hungry.  I'm fighting that right now.  The only thing that's saving me from going to the kitchen - to get another glass of water, I swear! - is the fact I have a sleeping cat draped across my lap.

I am extremely happy that I am down another 2.6 lbs!  I am so happy to be on the downward spiral once again!

I'm tracking all my healthy checks now!  Yay me!

Does anyone have this dilemma?  I did a 4 mile WalkAtHome DVD earlier this week.  It was a total of 5 minutes longer than the 3 mile WAH I've been doing - so I worked my butt off.  I felt wonderful afterward!  no soreness or anything.  Yesterday I got home from work and took the dog for a walk around the park.  Have to take advantage of sunny & 40*!!!  This particular walk is exactly 2 miles, from leaving my back step to arriving back at it.  And because I have a Beagle who must sniff everything and also insists on stopping to pee 19000 times and poo'ing 3 times, it took us 42 minutes.  Not a strenuous walk at all but I am still dying from how sore my hips & backside are!

The only thing I can figure is my stride.  When I basically march in place, my feet come down toes first and no butt muscles are really used.  While actually walking, there is a forward motion and my feet come down heel first.

Oh, and don't get me started on browsing in stores.  Moving that slow is even worse yet!  It kills my knees.

Check out the funky snow nuggets that are still along the trail - Jack was going nuts checking them out.  This first one was about basketball sized, the second was about the size of my foot.

Have a great weekend, even if we lose an hour sleep tonight!

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