Monday, March 4, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - Almost Spring!

Happy Monday!

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Almost Spring!!

1. What do you love most about Spring?  Sunshine, getting warmer, baby animals, seeing things turn green, spring flowers. 

2. If you’re lucky enough to have a Spring Break, what will you do to enjoy it?      I don't get one.  Pppbth.

3. What is your favorite flower?   Normally I'd say lilacs, but we will have an intoxicating combination of lilacs, crabapple and cherry all blooming at the same time in my yard.  Love it!!!

4. Do you have a garden? If so, what do you grow?  I have perennials in my flower beds around the house, but no actual garden.

5. Share one thing that you hope to accomplish during Spring.  Hmm.  I have a few ideas flitting thru my mind, but nothing set in stone yet.

6. Do you do Spring cleaning?   Not really, but I should.  I'm just not motivated by the time I get home from work.

7. What is your weather *really* like right now? {Just b/c it’s almost Spring, doesn't mean that it feels like it for some of you.}  The sun is actually shining today!  But it's only supposed to get around 31*.

8. Share one photo that you’ve taken during the month of March.   I got to play Grandma this weekend!  Angela is taking a parenting class at school and she brought home this baby for the weekend.  

This is a high-tech doll!  It's programmed with the habits of 15 different newborns, so it could start to cry at any time of the day or night.  She had to wear a special wristband and hold it near baby's torso until it beeped, then she had to figure out why it was crying.  She had to change it, feed it, burp it or just comfort it. Then she had to document why it was crying and how long it took to make baby happy again (it would make a cute gurgle when it was happy) and Heaven forbid you let its head drop back, it would scream bloody murder!  Diaper changes were pretty quick, but feeding could take 15 minutes.  I think she was rather happy to take it back to school today.   I confess I did babysit a couple times.  It was turned off during her dance classes on Saturday, but was still on during acro, so I took care of it then & while she was in the shower. 

9. What’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny afternoon?  We have several nice parks near us and a dog who loves going on walks.  Which is good, since my butt-head family doesn't like going on them!

10. If you could spend the day doing anything in your city, what would you do?  probably look for some geocaches.


  1. Just stopping by from FMM....
    The baby thing is very interesting! I bet your daughter was glad to give it back!

    1. I think it is a good way to ensure teenagers keep their pants on! It was entertaining to watch her take care of it, but I'm also really glad it was just a doll!

  2. Popping in from FMM, too. Wow, long gone are the days when the kids have to carry around eggs as "babies". Maybe I just dated myself, but I remember doing that when I was in high school. While it was fragile, at least it wasn't crying at me for some attention.

    1. No, you didn't date yourself, because that's what they did when I was in school, too! I never took the class myself, but saw plenty who did.

    2. An egg!? Is that sanitary? What if it broke!? Won't those get smelly if they're not refrigerated? I don't know about that.

    3. I think that was the point - they had to be careful with it so it didn't break. I'm sure they were probably hard-boiled anyway - I hope!
      People drew faces on them and glued scraps of material on for clothes & carried them around in little baskets. I think the doll is less odd.


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