Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{{expletive}} & the 10 Commandments

I think I'm going to be going to the Wednesday evening meetings for now on.  They're not as early as I'd like, but early enough where I can get home and still make dinner for the family without stressing about it or us eating at 9:30.  And the leader is pretty entertaining & she has a challenge each week where people write down how many miles you walked & she adds them up and moves a pin on a map.  They're "walking" from Rochester Hills, MI to Fort Myers, FL.  

I don't think I posted last week's progress report, so here are both. 

Yes, that is a 1.8 lb gain today.  Hence the "expletive" in the post title.  But I'm pretty sure it's punishment from this weekend.  We had our annual St. Pat's Girls Night Out Saturday night.  We are a rockin' bunch!  Mom, both sisters, niece & me.  We basically went out to dinner, drank a green beer or two and went back to Laurie's house, did a couple Chinese Fire Drills on the way and played games.  But on the way home Sunday around 5pm, I realized that we'd had breakfast pretty early and didn't have lunch, so I was starving.  And that means bad choices.  I stopped at McDonald's and got a medium fry, double cheeseburger & the fish bites.  And a bucket of sweet tea.  WTF was I thinking???  I did share with the dog, tho. 
Needless to say, I didn't accurately track that day. 

Before I came home Sunday,  I went out & spent over 30 minutes brushing one of the horses because the poor thing was shedding so badly.  btw, did you know that counts as WW activity Points?  yup.   Both horses had blankets on (horse #3 is away at the trainer's for a couple weeks) but Princess doesn't have as heavy a blanket as Captain.  That's why her coat is so thick.  She enjoyed the brushing!

I made a zebra cake from a recipe I found on Pinterest, but I've only had one piece of that.  I want to make one like this for Miss Angela's 16th birthday next fall, so this was my test subject.  It worked out quite well and was tasty, too!

I did get a 4 mile DVD walk in Tuesday.  Miss Maddie is my stupervisor.  She lays on top of the aquarium and watches until she gets bored, then either naps or looks at the fish upside down. 

I have a challenge this weekend.  It's Miss Angela's first dance competition of the season.  So Saturday from about 7am - 7pm and Sunday from 9am - 8pm (but not if I can help that!!) I'll be stuck at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts.   Saturday will be fine, since all 4 of her dances are then, as well as majority of the others from her studio.  Sunday there are 3 dances all day and the studio owner expects us to be there to cheer on those girls.   Ugh!  I love to watch the kids dance, but I can only handle 5 or 6 trio / duet / solo dances since most of them are lyrical or contemporary and they start to look the same. YAWN!  So my challenge is food.  I plan to stop at Tim Horton's on the way and I already know the Points value for what I usually get there.  But the rest of the day is iffy.  same with Sunday.  They only have a very basic concession stand during these events.  Mostly water & a small selection of candy.  

So anyway, at the meeting tonight, the leader (I can't remember her name, but I've been to her meetings before) did the 10 Commandments of Weight Loss.  It's cute but makes sense. too.

1. Thou shalt not wear stretchy pants.
2. Thou shalt get rid of "fat" clothes.
3. Thou shalt not eat whilst standing up.
4. Thou shalt chew each bite 20 times.
5. Thou shalt not graze.
6. Thou shalt not pile your plate more than 1" high or within 2" of the edges.
7. Thou shalt not carry small bills.
8. Thou shalt not eat in front of the TV, computer or book.
9. Thou shalt not eat late.
10. Thou shalt reduce your meat intake from 4 legged animals.  

Have a great week!


  1. As someone close to goal weight I can appreciate all thsi as it has taken over a year to get here, gaurenteed tomorrow when I weigh in it will go up and then the next week down, I feel like I stay at the same weight for ages just going up and down around it, very frustrating

    1. I've been going the same thing, for longer than a year! I'm tired of those few pounds! There is a small comfort in knowing that, when I finally get to goal, I know I'll be able to maintain!

      Now just to get there!

  2. Sounds like ya'll had fun and that cakes looks soooo neat! I need more practice in the kitchen for sure. I haven't really tried my hand at baking much. LOVE the commandments too!

  3. If I didn't carry small bills, I wouldn't be able to get anything. Other wise, the others make a lot of sense. The cake is pretty cool! I think your workout "partner" is pretty cute, too. Hopefully she doesn't try to get her workout points by fishing, the way one of my kitties used to. Eeep.


    1. She has tried to fit her paw down between the hood & the filter, but can't reach anything - whew!


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