Wednesday, March 20, 2013


OK, so it doesn't really ~look~ and definitely doesn't ~feel~ like Spring out there, but the calendar says it is, as of 7:02 am!!

And I've been seeing robins for about a week now, so I have hope.  And I have sprouts in the (somewhat snow-covered) flowerbeds.  I have faith that my tulips & daffodils are tough and can handle this crap!

Anyway - we had our usual St. Patrick's Girls' Night Out last weekend at Laurie's house.  Angel was a poo and opted to go to a friend's birthday party instead.  Pppft.   It's fun to get all dressed up and go into the restaurant.  I know the waitstaff is expecting us to be rowdy & such, but we're not.  Then on the way back to Laurie's, we stop and do Chinese fire drills in the middle of the road.  And we can't just run around, we have to stop & pirouette in the headlights, run backwards, whatever someone yells out.  then we went back to Laurie's and played some games.  Wooo.  We are such party animals!  Sunday we mostly sat around and visited.  

 I should have taken my hoodie off to show my "Irish-ish" shirt.

I saw a pin on Pinterest about how to make a zebra cake.  I want to make one for Miss Angela on her birthday, but I needed a test run before then to try out the green.  Perfect time!   I think next time I'm going to flip one of the layers.  But it was tasty & looked pretty neat!

This weekend is Angel's first competition of the year.  And 2 of her friends want to go to "support" her.  She's lucky she can share a garment rack with another girl there, since I can't fit 2 extra people in my car with her rack!  It's going to be a long, chaotic day!  This time she's only in 4 dances, but they require 3 different hairstyles!  And of course, the first dance it's up in a high pony.  2nd is french braided up the back with a bun on top.  Then hiphop requires it to be down & straight.  Then less than 20 minutes later, it needs to be back up in the braid / bun.  Crazy!!  Luckily the schedules at an event like this are fairly fluid.  If our group isn't ready, they'll just go on to the next one that is and come back to us.

Last weekend was the dress rehearsal - I love to see all the different costumes & even better to see them dance wearing them!  I have to confess - my favorite costume is on one of the younger groups - they're dancing to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and wearing 40's looking outfits and hairstyles in olive drab glitter with red trim.  Adorable!  My next post I will have some good pics of Angel in her costumes.

We also got some good news - the studio is moving!  Right now it's just small.  One crowded little dance room and a small lobby area with the desk area.  The new place is going to have 3 full sized (the size of a stage) dance rooms with proper floating wood floors and barres, a lobby, an actual changing area and a bathroom that you don't need to cross the dance room to get to!  And tons of parking, too.   Can't wait!  She's expecting classes to be held there in hopefully June or for summer classes at the latest.

That's all the excitement around here.  Anyone else ready for some warm weather?

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  1. I seriously cannot wait for warm weather. Winter is so depressing... We are so close!!


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi


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