Tuesday, August 28, 2012

**peeking from under my rock**

I totally suck at blogging lately!  I totally missed posting on MGC's first Blog-iversary yesterday.  I knew it when it was, but was still recovering from a crazy weekend and was too lazy.  I didn't even have a post scheduled!


Good news - I'M ON VACATION!!!!  Whew.  Just needed to put that out there.

Quick update on Miss Maddie.  I took her to the vet about her eye and the doc said she had a deep laceration on her eyeball and sent us to a kitty ophthalmologist.  Come to find out, she's got a super deep ulcer on her eye from the infection that didn't heal well.  Literally 95% of her cornea was gone in that spot.  This vet wanted to do surgery, but with her heart murmur, it would cost us $3-$4 thousand bucks!!  The vet also said there was a 30% chance she could heal with just meds, so we're going that route.  It does look better already, and she's only been on them since Wednesday. Whew!  She's still really chatty, and it's just nice to see 2 eyes looking back at me!

Isn't that one pink toe adorable?

Thursday morning, we registered Angel for school ~sniff, my baby girl is going into high school!!  They had it set up so nice - we were in line at Tim Horton's longer than it took to register!!  Walk in & get pics taken.  Go to a table with a teacher armed with a laptop and a senior helper.  I gave the teacher a check and an order form already filled out with the homecoming and yearbook orders, and the senior handed Angel a keychain that is her ticket to the homecoming dance.  The next stop was a table to get her schedule and we were done!  Then Thursday night we had orientation.  We heard from the principal and athletic director and they had a bunch of booths set up for every club / program / cult you could possibly imagine.  Senior / Sophomore Mentoring??  Really??  I feel gypped.  My old high school never did this.  I never knew about most of the clubs until I saw them in my yearbook.  I missed out on a lot!

Friday at work, I was determined to get all my work done & filed so my desk was cleared when I let.  And it was!

Saturday, my cousin and his wife were celebrating their 30th anniversary by renewing their vows (a re-wedding?)  they did the whole church & reception thing.  It was so much fun!  Their DJ rocked.  I was on the dancefloor for at least 4+ hours.  So were my sister Laurie, Angel & niece Lisa.  We were all exhausted & sore by the end of the night.  My feet were filthy & hurt from dancing barefoot.  Knees, hips, arms, everything!

Sunday, we stupidly agreed to meet both sisters at the Renaissance Festival.  I know Laurie was hurting as bad as me!  Lots of walking on uneven ground, but still fun.

Aleve is our friend!

 Me & Angel with the joust "Weee-ner"

 Randy found a grasshopper friend!

So vacation.  Miss Maddie needing meds 3X a day put the kabosh on actually going anywhere.  We do plan on making a day trip to Hell, MI !!  It's only like an hour away and we've never been there!  We're going to do some Geocaches and of course visit the general store and take lots of pics.  Our goal is to get Angel tired of us, so she'll be ready to go back to school!

So there's the rundown on life in general right now.  Tomorrow I get to visit the Secretary of State (aka the DMV) to get my license renewed and new tabs for the car, since Wednesday is my birthday!!


We look so cute!

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