Thursday, August 16, 2012

Checking in!

Just popping in for a minute - not much excitement going on. 

Woke up Sunday with a bit of a sore throat and one (just one! How annoying) stuffed up nostril.  We'd been sleeping with the window open, so I thought it was from that.  Watching the Olympic closing ceremony I started getting hot to the point I was sweating - even tho Angel was across the room from me, wrapped in a blanket.  It went downhill from there.  By the time I went to bed, I was a walking NyQuil commercial (stuffy head, fever, coughing, etc, etc).  Monday I got up, still miserable, and was hit with a wave of nausea, so I stayed home from work.

I barely survived Tuesday and am slowly returning to mornal.  Altho I stood out in the yard last night, looked at the overgrown mess of a yard and went back inside.  There's no way I could manage pushing the mower for 2+ hours.  I'm too weak!!

So now that I've posted my woe-is-me story .....

Maddie has chosen her person! 

Actually, she's pretty unbiased.  Whoever is laying on their back is fair game for her to get on.  She has the faintest, tiniest purr!  It's so cute!  Her & Chester are slowly coming to terms with each other.  Last night at dinner, she was perched on the tote under the table and Chester was on the floor in front of Randy's feet.  After some initial growling, they both settled down and tolerated each other.

She's got another visit with the vet tonight.  When we adopted her, she was getting over an eye infection and came with drops for it.  Well, her eye never really was 100% and in fact has gotten to the point it's been basically glued shut.  She can only handle us wiping it with a wet towel for so long before it irritates her. 

Speaking of the Closing Ceremony.....I thought it was funny that the camera panned to Prince Harry while Eric Idle was performing and caught him singing & whistling with the song.  Awesome!!

So this weekend is the Woodward Dream Cruise!  I didn't volunteer for radio comms for the Parade of Cars this year, so I have no reason to fight the traffic to go.  Randy will be there all weekend like he usually is.  At least it's not going to be hot!

yes - I did notice the typo up there - I went back to spell "normal" correctly & realized it was appropriate, so I left it.


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