Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(late) Friend Makin' Monday - a Little More Personal

Went camping with the family this weekend and actually had a surprising amount of fun! 

 Me & Laurie tubing.
Trust me - we didn't keep our arms up for long!  It was really choppy and Linda chose to drive the boat at 30 mph, so my biceps are still slightly sore today!

Randy grilling the Spam.

 Me & Angel

Needless to say - the group dinners and
my little friend Jose Cuervo did not lead to eating well.

I'm considering checking out MyFitnessPal or something to help me get back on track & taking a break from WW for a while.  Seems silly to pay that much $$$ per month and I'm not sticking to the plan well.  Something new and different will force me to pay attention.  Anyone have suggestions?

Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

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A Little More Personal

1. Are you a morning person?  Without a doubt.  It makes for some fun family gatherings, when Linda and I do an early morning song & dance for those who are not morning people!

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Introvert.  I don't make small talk well and it's a good thing I didn't need to flirt with Randy when I met him, since I feel like a dork when I flirt. I prefer to be around people I know.

3. Are you addicted to anything? If so, what?  I'm a Coke Addict.  Coke Zero, that is.  I don't go crazy but I have at least 1 a day. And I always start my mornings with a tall glass to water with Crystal Lite Strawberry.

4. How many times have you been in love?  Really, really in love?  Probably not many.  It was more like I thought I was in love.  Now that I'm older, I know more of what love is. I have learned that love goes along with respect and trust and a good dose of humor.  It also helps to have separate interests.  We don't need to be in each other's pockets all the time.

5. What is your position on politics?  I don't get into them.  It seems like all these political ads aren't about what a candidate can do for the people, but about tattling on other candidates.

6. Are you religious?  Not so much.  I believe in God and pray fairly regularly.  But we haven't been in a church in over a year.

7. Would you prefer backpacking or a luxury hotel?  Hmmm.  Yes.  I'd like to do both, but only in moderation.

8. Do you have/want pets?  I have a Beagle named Jack, a sassy orange tabby cat named Chester, our newest addition is a little tortoiseshell tabby named Maddie. We also have 4 Gourami fish and a GIANT pleco (really - he's probably 12 inches long and 3.5 inches wide at his head).

9. Are you a sports fan?  I am a Detroit Red Wings fan.  I don't care much for any of the "ball" games, either pro or college.  But I will sit down with Randy to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks play (wooo pig sooie!)

10. How often do you brush your teeth?  twice a day.  And my floss is always handy.

11. Do you have tattoos and/or piercings? Yes.  Each ear is pierced 3 times and I have 4 tattoos.  I have a tiny heart & 2 flowers on my right ankle, a mandela and feather above that, a morning glory vine in my cleavage and a rose vine with LOVE (hubby's last name) in it around my left ankle.  That one is my favorite.

12. What’s your favorite clothing brand?  whatever fits.  If I have to choose one, Lee jeans since they fit so well.

13. Should a man open doors for a woman?  Within reason.  Randy tends to do it more when we go out someplace.

14. Which season is your favorite?  Fall & Spring are tied.  I like Fall = Halloween.  And it's cooler and the fall colors are amazing & there's just that special smell in the air....Spring means things are turning green and growing, flowers & baby critters.

15. Would you rather eat less or workout more?  Eat less & better

16. What’s your idea of romance?  I'm living it!  No, actually......I'd love to see a guy doing laundry / dishes.  That would be like foreplay for me!  He wouldn't even need to wear an apron!

17. How often do you do things that are outside of your comfort zone?  Probably not as often as I should.  My life is not particularly exciting.

18. Christmas or Halloween?  Halloween!!  Love it, love it, love it!  I just love to see the kids get dressed up and oh, the decorating (see Maple Grove Cemetery - yeah, that's me!)

19. Would you rather live in the country or the city?  Country.  it's so peaceful and I seem to spend more time outside moving, doing stuff instead of just sitting around like I do at home now.

20. Share your life philosophy.  Hmm.  Never thought of what my life philosophy is.  I try to follow the "do unto others", etc and give to those less fortunate.  I guess I want to be the best wife & mom I can be in the best, most healthy body I can have.

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to head over and link up in the comments! Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. I am still laughing with the doing dishes as foreplay :)
    Waaaayyy too funny// thanks for stopping by from my FMM

  2.  My husband hasn't figured that out yet.  But when he does....LOOK OUT!!



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