Monday, August 6, 2012

Gone up north!

I took a half day on Friday to go along with Randy's full day off and we went up north to my sister Linda's place on a lake in Gladwin - pretty darn close to the center of Michigan. 

It had its fun moments.  Like when I walked out carrying a bottle of tequila and a can of Spam, telling everyone I was ready for dinner. And Tubing.  Tubing was a riot!  Of course the campfire.

 Corn, corn everywhere!
We rented a new Dodge Charger for the weekend, since it is bigger than either of ours.  
Man that is a nice car!  It drove entirely too smooth.  We were going along I-75 and Randy commented that he needed to use the cruise control, since he'd been going 95!! Sure didn't seem like it!

 Jack standing in the backseat of the car - 
with his head on the duffel bag. 
Heaven forbid he lie down and miss something. 

 Funky tree sap

 I'm ready!

 Lisa & Angel were so proud to build the fire. 


 Jack got tired of waiting for us to get pictures....

 This is the biggest Canadian thistle I've ever seen!

 Oh No!  a crime scene!

 Morgan enjoying the pond.

 Jack, doing Beagle stuff. 

I also went and explored this old shack that 
burned out years & years ago.  
I have a post up on my MGC blog
about that adventure.

 Randy with his salty nut sack.

Lisa & Angel Tubing!

 I love how this looks like one of those photos where you pose in front of a screen.....but it's real!  
We were going into the no-wake zone and they decided to surf.

 Randy cooking Spam.

Me & Laurie tubing

It was so choppy out there, that my arms literally felt dead afterward from holding onto the tube for dear life.  My biceps are still sore. Luckily, we managed not to have any dramatic wipeouts like we usually do.  I thought Angel got the rope across her face, since she flipped forward off of it.  Luckily she didn't.  She's walked around for a year when she was younger with a rope burn on her neck from a tubing incident! 

Sunday we went out again, but it was too windy.  When we stopped due to the tube losing air, we decided to swim for a while, but the boat kept drifting away from us! 

it was supposed to storm Saturday night, so we packed up the tent and moved into one of the smaller campers - Linda & Dave have their camper and a "guest house" aka - their old camper and so do their friends Jeff & Annie in the adjoining lot. So we were in J&A's guest house.  It ended up not storming, but it was still, hot & extremely humid, so the a/c in the camper was very welcome.

It was nice to get home, like it always does.  Maddie was going nuts.  She's very talkative anyway, but man, she was getting annoying!  She apparently really missed us.

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