Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My last official birthday!

I turned 39 today.  So after this I'll just continue to be 39 - you know, the prerogative of a female to lie about her age! 

Randy & Angel got me a big bunch of carnations and also a little stone to put out over the cats' graves in the backyard.  It made me cry, dammit!

I don't rightly know how I feel about this particular milestone.  At least I didn't cry last night like I did the night before I turned 30.  I do  feel like I should have accomplished more in my life than I have so far.  I don't know what....but it should have been something.   Lots of questions there.  But on the other hand...I have a wonderful husband and provider, a great kid, fur-babies to love on, a roof over my head, a car to drive, plenty of eat and a steady paycheck.  So I have tons to be thankful for, so what the heck is wrong with me?
On a happier is me thru the years.....forgive me for the quality - I didn't feel like fighting with the scanner, so I took pics of the old photos.


Love that expression!

 1990 - 11th grade
Hope there's room on the screen to show my hair!

 1991 - Graduation
with the big hair - gone!  
I was supposed to leave for bootcamp within a month, but didn't. 
Pollywog Day, USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72
initiation for crossing the equator for the first time. 
uniform of the day was inside out & backwards. 

Early September 1997

 Early October 1997
Baby Angela!

Angel's christening with my brothers & sisters
coincidentally - it is Laurie's birthday, too!  
She's the one on the lower right.  She's 13 years older than me!
Geocaching for the first time.

me & my sweetie

Have a great day!

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