Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My last official birthday!

Today is my 39th birthday (for another 10 minutes, so I better type fast!)  After this, I will take advantage of my ability and desire to lie about my age. 

Randy & Angel got me a nice bunch of carnations and also a little stone to put out over the cats' grave in the back yard - it made me cry, dammit!

I found some old photos of me tonight, so I took pics of them (too lazy to dig out & fight with the scanner!)

Love this expression!
 1990 - 11th grade
is there room on the screen for my hair?

 1991 - graduation
big hair is gone!

Pollywog Day on Uss Abraham Lincoln CVN72
Initiation for crossing the equator the first time
Uniform of the day was inside out & backwards.
 mid September 1997

 early October 1997
baby Angela!

 1998 - Angel's christening
with my brothers & sisters
It's also Laurie's birthday today, too!  She's on the lower right.
She's 13 years older than me!

Geocaching for the first time
me & my sweetie!

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