Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm happy under my rock.

Weekend recap

Wow, I haven't done an actual post (other than FMM) forever.  Pretty obvious reasons, actually.  I haven't been to WW since.... **opens another tab to check WW online**  ...July 26! 

It's been crazy hectic all summer, and frankly - I hate all the meeting times at ever office in my area!  I get out of work at 3:30 and don't want to wait until 6 to go to my meeting.  I want to stop on my way home.  The one place that does have a 4 pm meeting is the one that is closest to my house (in miles), but farthest from my work!  With lovely traffic in lovely metro Detroit, there's no way to make it in time!  Saturday morning is always an option.  Altho the one time I went on a Saturday, it was crazy.  But I could deal.  Once dance starts, Angel will have classes at 11, so I could make the 10am meeting and be home to shuttle her there.

So anyway, that's my dilemma. I haven't been going to meetings or even following the plan very well, but I also haven't cancelled.  So I need to figure out what I'm doing or quit donating $$ ! I can only imagine how bad the scale looks!

Sigh.  So what's been going on? 

Like I said, it's been crazy.  I had the dog into the vet 4 times about his back end.  I won't go into all the TMI details, but he ended up having a blocked anal gland and had to be probed (insert giggles & alien jokes here!) but he's fine now.  4 times - 1st vet found it. wanted recheck, then wanted Vet #2 to check and then vet #2 wanted recheck).  Poor dog!  Too many fingers in places they shouldn't be! 

Our new addition, Miss Maddie had to go back in about her eye - it didn't heal well after her infection and we learned (at a kitty ophthalmologist!) that she had an ulcer on her eyeball that was so deep only 5% of her cornea was covering it. On top of a minor heart murmur, surgery would have cost $3-$4 ~thousand~ buckaroos!  The doc said there was a 30% chance she'd heal with just medication, so we're going that route.  It it noticeably better and she was just in there last Wednesday!  YAY!
Cat Olympics
Sleeping in the Pike Position

I took Miss Angela to get registered for high school last Thursday.  ~sniff~ My baby is a sophomore!  I feel gypped.  I never knew about any of the programs and clubs offered at my school until I saw them in our yearbook.  Angel's school has orientation and you can hear from the principal and athletic director and they have booths with info for every possible club / program / cult you can imagine!  She doesn't start back until the Tuesday after Labor Day. 

Let me see - Saturday my cousin & his wife celebrated their 30th anniversary with a vow renewal (re-wedding?) and did the whole church & reception thing - it was a lot of fun, even if it was a dry occasion.  The DJ rocked!  I spent a full 4 hours on the dancefloor! My sister, niece & Angel were all out there with me the whole time!  By the end of the night, we were exhausted.  My sandals weren't dancing-worthy so I went barefoot, so my feet were killing me!  And I won't get into my ankles, knees (especially my knees!) and hips.  Totally worth it, tho.  FUN!

I love Aleve.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, we made the mistake of agreeing to meet the sisters at the Renaissance Festival.  Lots of walking on uneven ground.  Linda didn't go to the wedding, but Laurie was in as bad of shape was I was! 

 Randy and his little grasshopper friend riding on his shoulder.

Me & Angel with the winner of the joust.

So that's all that's going on.   We're on vacation this week, but we're not going anywhere for any length of time, due to Miss Maddie's needing her meds 3X a day.  But we are going to make a trip to Hell, MI !!  We've been to Hell on Grand Cayman, so we need to go to this one which is only like an hour away!!  Why have I never been there???  This should be a lot of fun.  We're going to look for a few Geocaches and of course visit the store and take tons of pics!.

So that's all for now.  I'm in Limbo.  But on the plus side.....Wednesday is my birthday!!!

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