Sunday, January 24, 2016

I forgot to post!

My meeting / weigh in was only last Tuesday!  But life happens.  And I had a 2.1 lb loss!  WOOHOOOO!

I did pretty good with my "diming".  I learned that browsing in an antique store means you're not walking hard enough for steps to register, so last Sunday I only had 1537 steps recorded!

It was nice having a menu planned out.  I have a white board on the fridge where I post this so I can see at a glance in the morning if there's anything I need to set out for that evening.  Or maybe if I want to switch days around, or whatever. I'll still know that I have the stuff to make whatever I choose.  I'm nothing if not flexible, we're not having Chinese this week, we're going out for bd's Mongolian BBQ.  Which is to my benefit, since I'll be using a LOT fewer SPs!
My Fitbit weekly report.  I love having it call me O Great One!

We're going out to dinner tonight because Miss Angela requested it.  She had her last All Star dance competition this morning and we think she deserves it.  I posted the video on my YouTube channel, but it'll be the same routine as the one posted in December.  They got 5th place this time! But they were up against 2 studios that we all know practice every day, and DOS does once a week.  Maybe the teachers need to think about that?
So I'm going to keep this short for now and I'll post again after this week's weigh in.  I'll be going on Wednesday this week because I have an eye appointment Tuesday during my usual meeting time.  What the heck was I thinking when I took that time slot??  Sheesh.


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