Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 in review

I've never done a post like this, so let's see how this goes! 

babysitting the puppy-nephew
 Injury #3 of the dance season - a sprained ankle that took until September to finally heal!
 Monster Jam
practicing for driver's training
National Champs for Senior Small Group Lyrical
The Movement Project
St. Pat's Girls Night Out
The Movement Project
"A Walk in the Park"
Edge National Dance Competition
Dancers Only Studio
A night of Comedy!
Colin Mocherie & Brad Sherwood from Whose Line is It Anyway
The Whiting, Flint MI
Senior year skidding to a close......

 Mother's Day
1st place for Senior Jazz Duet
Showbiz National Talent Competition
"Cold Hearted Snake"
Heading off to drive alone for the first time! 
 Senior Prom
 1st day of Kindergarten vs last day of high school
I'll spare you what's under the band-aid.
Randy's & mine 9th anniversary
Painting with a Twist
 Graduation Party
 DOS car wash
My 29th (again) birthday!
Once a Chieftain, Always a Chieftain - Homecoming
Miss Daisy became part of our family. 
 to celebrate my 20th anniversary of becoming a Shellback (crossing the Equator initiation)
 Miss Angela turned 18 and got her first tattoo. 
New furnace!  One that doesn't sound like it's a flamethrower when it kicks on. 
I never posted about this, but it happened!
 Riding a camel with my niece at the Ohio Ren Faire
Our first (and so far only) real snowfall
 The result of said snowfall. 
Thanksgiving - watching the equine niece & nephew chase their new pasturemate.
 DaisyMae is settling in!
 What happens when someone steals my phone. 
1st competition of the season!
Michigan State Spirit Showdown
Dancers Only Studio
me & the sisters, Christmas Eve
 Christmas dinner at Zehnders.
 2am shenanigans in Frankenmuth

Happy 2016, ya'll!


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