Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I almost didn't go....

To the WW meeting this week, that is.

The girl & I both had eye appointments last night, so I missed my usual meeting. Then she told her boss that she was bringing both Randy & I to the Thai restaurant that she works at so he could serve us.  Well, Randy had to work late, so I went with her and we got him carry-out.  I'm sure I made a great impression on her boss with my dilated eyes.  I could barely read the menu!

My blogging buddy. 
She doesn't offer much input.

But I had a phenomenal Thai apple salad.  Romaine lettuce, cashews, apples cut into tiny straws, chicken (their 'crispy' chicken tastes like Grandma's fried chicken) and a peanut sauce for dressing.  It was quite tasty and I really don't know how I would count the SmartPoints on something like that.  And the seafood rangoons.  And some of her fried ice cream.  Ooops.

But I'm glad I went tonight, even if I'm not crazy about that particular leader.  I was down .6 lb.  I'll take it!

It was a good night all around.  I was down at WI.  I found the damn skirt that I've been missing for entirely WAY too long and I found my WW bag with my Plan Guide, Shopping Guide and the old Power Foods book.  I really need to find some new menu items - I have no imagination when it comes to dinner!  Then adding 2 picky-asses into the mix and I'm lost.

So I'm over halfway to earning my massage!  I really sucked at getting my 5 fruits & veggies in last week.  In my defense, several days I was at 4.  I also went over the 35K steps for the week!  Considering 2 of the days had less than 4K, I'm pretty happy.
This is a recipe for tortellini soup that was the WW meeting tonight.  I will tweak it a little, since I don't like cooked/canned tomatoes.  I can eat them raw straight off the vine, but smooshy?  Blargh. 
 Not sure why the Fitbit was reading sleep time.  I haven't worn it at night!  
So I'm going to sign off now - so I can get in bed before 11!  Randy left for the weekend this morning for a radio thing he does every year way up north, so hopefully the cats don't hog the bed.  I plan to sprawl!


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