Thursday, January 7, 2016

Keepin' on rollin'.

I skipped last week's weigh in because, yanno, Christmas. And New Year's.  So the 3.8 lb gain this week really wasn't a surprise, except for the leader's comment that I was up a LITTLE.  Really people.  I know they really can't say stuff like "OMG - what the hell, woman???"  But I know they're thinking it. 

So I'm doing pretty good on my dime challenge thingy.  I consider this first week a baseline, to see what I need to work on. Which is a lot!  But that's the whole purpose of this, so carrying on. 
I was actually journalling more than that, but I'd missed transferring it to the list on the next page, so missed a couple days. Ooops! 

Tuesday was pretty awesome that I actually earned my whole dollar!  I was happy to note as I reached over to turn out the lights that night that it was 10:47!  It really helps to set an alarm on my phone to go off at 10:15 to tell me to get ready for bed.  Or else I'll just keep dinking around on the 'puter or whatever. 
Last night I was physically in bed at 11, but the kid had chosen to come in and chat for a while.  She was telling us about work that morning and dance class. I couldn't really kick her out.

I wish I could have my FitBit week start on Tuesday, also.  It only gives me the option of Sunday or Monday. But I do get a progress report each week from them!  I like that.  And I thought it was just me, but I heard the owner of the company I work for comment that he had to exaggerate steps on the stairs for them to register on his FitBit.  So I've been jogging up the stairs at work.  And I'm up & down them 100 times a day (exaggerating slightly).
The dog guilted me into going for a walk last night. I donated blood right after work, then came home for all of 30 minutes, before having to leave to meet Randy for dinner and then going to a meeting.  During that 30 minutes, I changed into jeans and tennis shoes, while Jack watched me closely.  He associates me putting tennis shoes on with going for a walk, so he was hopeful!  Sorry buddy.  It was almost 9 by the time I got from from the meeting and I let him out & fed him.  After all that, he was still watching me with those darn hopeful puppy-dog eyes.  So at 9:30 last night, in my pajama pants & winter boots, I took him for a walk.  We just went around a couple blocks but it made him happy.

The walk took me well over my target steps for the day quite nicely.  Which is better / less annoying than me marching around the house, clumping in my slippers like I did the other night!  I marched while cooking dinner and cleaning up afterward.  Then marched into Angel's room to bother her, then back in to look over Randy's shoulder at his phone, etc.  Heehee!  But I got my steps in!

I got a bunch of steps in tonight by finally taking down all the Christmas blowmolds (20!! But it sure doesn't look like it.) from the front yard and putting them away.  It sure took a lot less time and effort than it does after Halloween!  I took each one just behind the fence, one by one.  Then I gathered up all the extension cords, and took each mold behind the garage to where their off-season abode is.

I'm glad I decided to do this tonight instead of waiting til this weekend. It's supposed to be warmer, but rain & snow all weekend.  Blargh.

Oooh, my alarm will be going off soon, so I'm going to get a jump on things!  Later!


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  1. I am going to need to figure something out. I was on the thin side and could not gain. But, my rheumatologist put me on meloxicam and I have gained more than I needed. Yay!
    It looks like you are doing pretty good. Getting healthy!


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