Saturday, January 2, 2016

Still need intervention!

So we're getting a new bedroom set for the girl from my sister, probably today.  I needed to put all the nutcrackers away so there are fewer obstacles when we bring this furniture in.  Not sure why she thought this would be a good time of year to get rid of furniture, but it's a really nice set and for free, so I'll deal.  

So I took pictures again to inventory of my army.  This doesn't count the ornament-type guys.

I'm also using these pictures to remind me of which ones need paint touch-ups and repairs. Yeah, that didn't happen when I unpacked them.  I really wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit this year and I'm perfectly happy to start putting stuff away.  

Sir Owein, Sir Richard & Sir Jasper.
 Still love this guy!
 The herd. 
 Some of the bigger guys.
 I got the one with the tools as a gift this year. 

 I found little Nanook of the North (on the left) at the Salvation Army & he's pristine!
 I've been meaning to put a skull on the lion's staff.  
I really like Olaf the Viking & Hans with his bier, pretzel & schnitzels.  
 I love the caveman, too!  He's new from Meijer's.
 I got the 2 tennis guys with the thought of making them over.  But it hasn't happened, yet.  And now I'm up to 3 hockey guys!
 I texted this to my sister.  ROBERT! is her favorite for some reason, so he was saying bye to her for the season. 

 Some of the ladies. 
 A whole troupe of ballerinas.  The tall one in white lost part of her arm, so that got wrapped up with her. 

 Little Santa on the right still needs some work. 

 Such fabulousness!
 Found another sailor.  I've had the one in blues forever.  He was my first nutcracker!

 My niece gave me the one in the middle for Christmas. 
 More fabulousness & I've noticed I have quite a few police. 

 I've argued with Angel about finishing the one on the left.  She started this hot mess and won't let me finish him!  And the guy on the right needs his new hat glued on & painted. 
 The twins are fun. 

I filled up these 3 huge totes and one more small one.  Ugh.  133, and 5 horses!  And I noticed my smoker isn't pictured, so he's still running rampant somewhere in the house.  
Yes.  As I was looking at these pictures, I see quite a few I'd happily get rid of.  There's a couple I'd consider repainting, too.  I wonder what the Vietnam Veterans would think to get a big box of nutcrackers?  Muahahaha!!  That's who I usually donate to.  Or I could message a couple people on the ChristmasFanClub message boards and see if they're interested in some. Options are there.  I'd keep the ones I really like, and pass on the ones I feel "meh" about.  I know Randy would be happy about that, too.  


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