Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Mish Mash #1

So I signed up to do a 10-day Blog Makeover Challenge.  I read about it in another blog (thanks, Charlene!) and sort of jumped in the middle of it.  So far I'm pretty intimidated - it seems like most of the other bloggers have inspirational, educational, or business / store type blogs.  Mine are pretty much for shitz & gigglez.  But I'll stick it out, I've been learning a lot, even if a lot of it doesn't really seem to apply to me & my little trio of the blogosphere. 

On the plus side, I've found a bunch more blogs to read, and people to follow on Instagram and hopefully people enjoy following me back!  But I feel as tho I need to step up my blogging game so I don't look like a complete moron.  Game on!

Speaking of new blogs I'm following, Amy over at Country Mouse City Spouse started her first linkup and I joined in!
I'll introduce myself to anyone new visiting.....I'm Lisa, happily married to Randy and our 10 year anniversary is in July.  We have 1 spawn, Miss Angela, who is 18.  We have a slightly overweight Beagle named Jack and 3 cats - Chester is a big ol' orange tabby whose around 16 years old, Maddie is the queen of the castle and Daisy was born in my sister's barn last May and came to my house in September.  Her & Chester are buddies!

We live in SE Michigan, about 20 miles from Detroit in a quiet little 'burb in a tiny house with a nice big yard.  Our last name is Love, so the Love Shaque.

Randy is a computer programmer originally from Arkansas, Miss Angela graduated high school last year, hostesses at a Thai restaurant and is still on her competition dance team at her second home, aka Dancers Only Studio.  We're just starting comp season, so they show up a lot on my Instagram.  She's been dancing since she was 4. competing since 12 and I've never missed a single performance.

I am a US Navy veteran.  I was in from 1992-2000 and was a postal clerk.  My 2015 April A-Z Challenge posts are all about my time in the Navy.  Sea stories, places I visited, experiences and the like. I now work for a trucking company in the billing department.  I've been there almost 16 years.

Randy and I are both amateur radio operators (he plays much more than me) and that's why you'll see N8LTG associated with me a lot, that's my call sign. He does a lot of volunteering for the Multiple Sclerosis Society doing radio stuff at events and we both belong to Oakland County Emergency Management and are Skywarn weather spotters.

I love Halloween and it's pretty much on my mind year-round.  You can't wait until the last minute to put together a large display like I have!  Quite honestly, my Maple Grove Cemetery is very basic compared to some of the displays & "haunts" I see on some of the Facebook pages I belong to.  I don't do blood & gore, either.  A combination of humor & elegance is my thing, if that makes sense.  My H'ween display has its own Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.  And I'm a taphophile.  That means one who is interested in cemeteries, especially the art & history.  I belong to Find A Grave, which is a database of headstones used for genealogy & such.

I kind of like being on a Mish Mash, since my thoughts tend to do just that!  Kinda flutter from one thought & idea to the next.  Sometimes I wonder if I talk too fast for some people, especially when they clearly aren't following me.  I try to slow down and think first, but that doesn't always happen.  Makes me wonder how my dear sweet Southern boy husband does it!

So, welcome!

Real quick, to follow up on Friday's post....DOS got 5th place at the Winter Wishes Pom & Dance Competition.  They were up against at least 2 other studios that spend a LOT more time practicing than they do, and it shows.  I have the video posted on my YouTube page if you want to watch. They always seem to create a traffic jam going into their first kickline and I'm sure the judges can't help but notice!  And spacing. Um, yeah.  But other than those couple things, I think they did great & I'm proud of every single kid.  This picture was grabbed off the Dance Force Xpress FB page - Angela is the huge goofball the 3rd from the left in the front row, the one leaning oddly!  They're all yelling YEAH right here, so that's why their mouths are all open.
The official results haven't been posted yet, altho they said they would be.  Apparently all of the All Stars routines were close in points, I'd like to see how close!

So I'm going to get this linked up over at Amy's page, so hope to "see" you again!



  1. What a great introduction! I'm not too far from you, being in Northwest Ohio myself. Wonderful to meet you!! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Thanks so much for joining the Mish Mash! :)

    1. It was a lot of fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with next week!


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