Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Day After Halloween!

Well, I intended to start this post before midnight, but that didn't happen! Happy November 2!

Halloween was kind of a buzzkill here.  The weather had been so nice, except for the afternoon of 10/31.  Then it was cold and rainy.  Mother Nature is such a witch!   We ended up with between 35-40 kids trick or treating.  Even last year in the snow we had around 50.  I thought we'd do better than usual with being on the elementary school bus route this year and I'm pretty sure more houses had lights on, too.  Guess noone wanted to deal with the rain.  As it is, 2 cars pulled up and kids poured out of both of them.  They made a point of coming to our house and didn't stop anywhere else on the street.  3 teenaged boys came up with only 1 in a half-assed costume, but they were in awe of my cemetery and gushed over it.  So ass-kissing got them plenty of candy!   I got tons of compliments and one request to take pictures! And 2 tiny little blonde kittens came up before it got dark - they were so cute!  

I was a very fabulous witch - wish I would have had Randy take a full-length pic of me in my awesome pink & black tutu!

Already thinking of next year - I'm going to do more along the lines of a masquerade ball since they still haven't gotten to wear old dance costumes!  Maybe one of these years we won't have any precipitation!  I like this pair here. 

Oh, gasp!

I was really impressed with the flaming cauldron- it looked pretty real.  It was supposed to be hanging, but I set it out as a campfire for my little guys. 

I almost forgot to light the jack-o-lanterns until I head a little Ironman comment about the one under the sign having fire in it! They will be going in the yard waste bin today (Monday) since they're moldy and soft and gross.

I have a video or two up on YouTube, but it's not letting me see the one I just added so maybe you can see them if you click on the icon over to the right. 

Here are some daytime shots, taken Sunday in the glorious 60* sunshine. 

LOVE this giant skull!

The only clearance shopping we did yesterday was to get some candy for us.  That's the disadvantage of having a kid who isn't trick or treating anymore!  She went to a party at a dance-buddy's house instead and I gave out all that we had - those last couple kids made out!  I also picked up a couple more strands of the LED lights that are around Ded Fred up there.  And more H'ween socks.  Love me some holiday socks!  I really couldn't think of anything else I really wanted to look for except for maybe another flaming cauldron or two.   Oh well!

And then to add more adventure to the sister stopped by to see the cemetery all lit up after handing out candy at Mom's house.  As we stood in the yard and chatted, her dog and mine roamed around.  Shoulda known better!  Jack found another skunk in the yard and got blasted.  It's only been a week since the last episode and we'd just gotten the smell out of the house!  I have to believe they're cleaning up under the bird feeder, which is close to the back of the house, which is why the smell is so strong inside. 

I'm going to be smarter when putting things away.  I'm going to weed thru what's left in the garage and set stuff that I don't use anymore aside to get rid of somehow and label the totes with what I'm keeping.  I've had my Christmas totes labelled for years, don't know why I never did the H'ween ones!

Alrighty!  Time to turn in! (it's technically Monday at 1am as I finish this post) I was totally lazy Sunday and did nothing that I thought of doing, but today is tear-down so Randy & I will be busy!  Normally I do this all myself, but since he took the day off and said he'd help - I'm going to put him to work!   


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