Saturday, November 21, 2015

Moooo & a false alarm!

So yeah, I wasn't feeling the scale this week and didn't go weigh in.  I got some things done around the house, so I wasn't sitting around in front of the TV, I promise!

I was supposed to report back last weekend about some girly issues I was having.

Soooo.  I really thought I was pregnant!  I guess it's possible.  It hasn't been that long since I went off the pill, but I'd also gone 4 years before not taking them and obviously nothing happened.  Can you imagine that shock?  I'm 42, Randy's 48. My only child is already 18 - I sure as hell wouldn't want to start all over again NOW!  We'd have to move, no question about that.  We have an 850 sq foot, 2 bedroom house with no storage, let alone room for a little person.

So here's the story, it's somewhat TMI but I'll try to keep it clean.

2 weeks after I'd missed my period, I told Randy (like why wouldn't I??)  We both kind of stared at each other with pursed lips and really big eyes and some rapid blinking.  I was having occasional nausea, my nipples were very tender, my jeans were feeling a bit snug and I just felt different, I can't explain how.  What would you think???

So we decided I would wait another week and then take a test.  However 3 days before I was going to take it.....Mother Nature arrived with a vengeance.  I swear she was making up for lost time.  It was ugly. Horrible.

So it was obvious I wasn't with child.  But I physically didn't feel any different!  So I decided to go ahead and take a test anyway.  I felt SO awkward buying that test!  My heart was racing.  I kept feeling everyone was staring and judging me, even tho I went to an out-of-the-way CVS that I'd never been to, didn't use my rewards card and paid cash.  How pathetic is that?!?!?!

Behold the power of the mind!  I took the test last Thursday, fully expecting it to be negative and of course it was.  The very next day (Friday aka jean day at work) - I wore a pair of jeans right out of the dryer and they fit fine.  And I feel totally normal now.  Sheesh.

So now I just have to contend with my bum knee acting up.  I can stand just fine on it, but it doesn't want to bend as far as it should.  And occasionally it'll just give out under me.  So I'm being really careful on stairs and getting out of the car, since it's my left knee.

This is our tree in the backyard around 5:30 this evening.
This is the neighbor's usually upright tree hanging over our fence around 7:15.
That's some seriously wet & heavy snow out there!  It started at 7am and we have about 6 inches out there - and I just talked to my sister (about 35 miles north of me) and it started at 8am there and she's got over a foot!  I'm really not looking forward to the 0-dark-thirty trip to the studio tomorrow for the annual dance intensive that Miss Angela has.  I know our neighborhood will still be a mess, but hoping the county has the main roads cleared and salted.  I'm fully confident in my own driving abilities and common sense - it's all the other idiots who suddenly forgot how to drive in the snow that scare me!

So I'm still not loving the new WW "experience".  I updated my mobile app yesterday but it doesn't seem to be any different as of yet. Whew!  I can't believe they got rid of the progress reports! I used those all the time!  It's hard to find the "community" section, too.  You'd think they would have that easier to find instead of down at the bottom with the rest of the links nobody cares about. And it has my original starting weight wrong from way back in the day!  Not that that matters anymore, but I would like accurate numbers!  When I chatted with tech support about it, she was about useless. She said "our systems in website (???) is still updating and our engineers are working on it.  All your points will be aback to normal after the updates."  So why was it even changed to begin with???  My info should have just transferred right over.  So my goal weight should still say 175.0 instead of 175.38.  Where the heck did they get that??   Pppfth.  And I need to spring for a FitBit or some sort of activity monitor because as of the 19th, my Activelink is obsolete.  It won't even sync anymore.  I liked it because it clipped on my bra and was out of the way.  I don't think I'd like one that goes on my wrist.   Adding activity is a pain in the ass, since I'm not going to keep track of each time I go up and down stairs and all the walking I do at work individually and stuff like that!   

Oh crap - I have to be at the studio at 7:30 am!  I better get my carcass to bed!  Later folks!


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  1. I have the Fitbit One that I clip to the Centre of my bra. I don't find the wrist ones accurate.


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