Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

We got to my sister's house Wednesday evening and didn't come home until last night and I totally forgot to pre-write any blog posts!  So ...
I hope everyone had a nice, peaceful, drama-free day.  

Wednesday we got to Laurie's house just in time to let the dog into the house and then go to dinner. It was just us girls - Mom, Laurie, Linda, Angel & me.  Then we went back for some beverages & a rousing game of Scattergories. 

Thursday, one of Laurie's friends brought her horse over - she's going thru a divorce and is going to board him there until she gets back on her feet.  Kisses & Captain spent a long time chasing the new addition around.  Which is funny, Captain (the 22 year old gray) is usually really mellow & laid back.  I've never seen him act like so much of a jerk!  But they'll work out their differences eventually.  He's just defending his girl from the new guy. 
(hard to believe barely a week ago she had a foot of snow!)

I've never really gotten scared around horses before - but I did this weekend!  Thursday night, poor Z (he's part Arabian and has a weird name to reflect that - so his nickname is Z.) didn't know where he was supposed to go.  So I had to lead him to his new stall.  Friday morning, I let Kisses out first and she kept coming back into the barn so I'd shoo her out, then took Captain out.  They proceeded to block the door so I couldn't get Z out.  I'd shoo them away and he'd take a couple more steps, then Kisses came flying in with her ears back and teeth bared - and Z hid behind me! PANIC!  I confess to smacking Kisses on the nose and yelling NO for that one.  I finally got them all out and they ran around for a while before settling down.  It's going to take a few days figuring out which order they work best with.  There's been a lot of squealing & snorting & chasing going on.  I just texted Laurie and asked how they were doing and all she said was Captain is a jackass. 

Then dinner.  It was yummy.  The same stuff everyone else has - turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed taters, BBQ little Smokies, salad, rolls, pumpkin & apple pies and a cheesecake. Laurie & I took our dogs for a walk.  Linda kept her little yappies inside.

After everyone else left, we (the same as listed above) did our annual craft.  I'd cut up a couple old pallets I had and Linda brought paints and stuff.  It was pretty fun.  You can't tell here, but I hit mine with some glitter blast so it's sparkly.
Friday night we took Laurie's kittens to the vet for shots & spaying / neutering.  Then later went to Huckleberry RR as usual for the train ride, fireworks & tree lighting.

I think this big ol' oak tree is more impressive than the regular big pine they use for the tree-lighting.
Saturday, we picked up the kittens and went into Lapeer to this antique store called Past Tense.  It's a pretty awesome store.  The entire upstairs of this old house is all Halloween stuff - so I really enjoy going up there.  I didn't enjoy the rest as much as I should have since my knee's been bothering me and makes it difficult to walk and especially do stairs.  Angel, Jack and I finally got home just after dark.  She went to go visit the boyfriend and I chilled on the couch with all the cats.  They missed us!  Daisy was like velcro to me.

This morning I happily slept in and woke up to see this.....Chester's front legs were on my thigh and Daisy snuggled into his side.  So cute!
Once I was up and around, I got the blowmolds put out into the front yard.  I'm so glad it takes less time for the Christmas yard, since I wasn't in the mood.  And I stupidly didn't check the lights before putting them out so there are 2 new ones without bulbs and several not working.  Oh well!  I'll stop on the way home tomorrow and look for some new bulbs.  It's hard to find regular 25 Watt bulbs nowadays! 

Then we took Angel's car and dropped off at the shop to hopefully fix the chugging and stalling.  We ignored the piles of turkey we brought home and had a $5 pizza for dinner instead.  Wooo! 

Ugh, back to the grind tomorrow.  I could get used to 4 day weekends all the time! 


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