Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!

Aw hell, it's Friday, so it will be HAPPY!

Heehee, I just looked back and 3 out of my last 4 posts have "happy" in the titles!

So I'd say about 98% of the Halloween stuff is put away for the season.  I always manage to find something that I forgot or I'd clearly forgotten last year and tucked away where it doesn't belong.  That being said - I just found my pumpkin carving set - in a box of fall / Thanksgiving stuff!  

I didn't get rid of as much H'ween stuff as I would have liked, but it is all organized now and the totes are labelled with the contents.  It really sucks when you have stuff that you like, but just haven't put it out for the last couple years.  Makes it really hard to get rid of it!  Funny that it doesn't seem like I had that much stuff out!  I didn't even bother with the apothecary this year. 
10-19 gallon totes
2-35(ish) gallon totes
3-10 gallon totes
Can't forget these guys!
The totes sat on the patio for a couple days until I got all the Christmas stuff pulled out of the corner of the garage.  Then I put the H'ween totes in and the C'mas in front so they're easily accessible when the weekend after Thanksgiving rolls around. 

I put a bunch of stuff out for the Vietnam Veterans to pick up today. I went thru my bookshelves (and piles near the nightstand) and got rid of 31 books! Angel got rid of a whole garbage bag full of shoes and 2 more bags of clothes between the 2 of us. And because I was in a hurry to set the bags out before I left for work, I left a box in the living room. Dammit. So there will be another pickup before the end of the year.

We have a driver at work we call Crazy Ron.  Apparently his wife's hobby is dressing their Golden Retrievers up for any number of reasons and he feels the need to give us pictures of them!  I have a file labelled "Ron's Dogs" dating back to 2005 of these poor dogs.  She must be losing her touch, since she ordered the wrong sized Santa costume this year and he brought it in for whoever could use it.  Everyone else has either big dogs or little yappy dogs, so by default it left me.  It was a tight squeeze fitting it on Jack since he's an abnormally large Beagle, but we did it.  And he's clearly not thrilled with it, but we had a good laugh! 
I do want to put it back on him when we go see the family at Christmas, just so we can watch him run around in it.

I brought in a box of nutcrackers today, but the only ones I set out were my 2 hockey guys.  These were the ones I've acquired since last January so they weren't nicely wrapped and in a tote yet.  I'll get some pics soon.  I'm sticking with getting funky / unusual / unique ones instead of the average, run of the mill nutcrackers.  I've got an Eskimo, a Viking, a fairy en pointe, a German (with beer stein, pretzel and string of sausages!), just to name a few.

Turn your head to the left and look at the teddy bear!

So tonight is the bowling fundraiser for dance and that starts at 10pm so it's gonna be a long day!  Then tomorrow is the first of the craft shows with Mom & the sisters.  I'm looking forward to that, it's always a nice day - even if it is located at one of my least favorite places ever, my old high school.  blargh! 



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