Thursday, November 5, 2015


I went to the Tuesday night meeting this week - it's the earliest of all the remaining meeting times at 5:30 so I gave it a try.  And the leader is a lady who also did meetings at my old location.  She's kind of funny - she does this thing where she claps her hands and kinda jogs in place when she's excited.  And she sends a paper around for everyone to write down the miles they've walked / ran that week.  Then she adds them up and marks it on a map.  Apparently we're walking to Switzerland!

Weigh in was the most horrible thing ever.  I skipped the last week in October because I'd been in Ohio the weekend before with the family (Mom, the sisters, brother-in-law, 2 nieces and a nephew to be) to visit my brother and his fiancee.  Much alcohol and not-really-on-plan food was consumed!  We were pretty active, tho.  Friday night we made hilarious videos (I took 2 of the skeletons out of my H'ween display so we could play with them) and we went swimming.  Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival and later that night to the Lewisburg Haunted Cave - its in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest haunted house in the US - around 3/4 of a mile and all underground in an old mine shaft!!  It took an hour to go thru it!  Very cool - highly recommend it!
Anyhoo, I skipped that meeting.  Then Halloween happened.  I happily gave away all the candy we had during trick-or-treating, but the evil spouse and spawn hit up the 50% off sales Sunday and got like $30 worth of candy!  I'll let you imagine the expletives that erupted from my mouth!  But I can't blame them for the box of Lofthouse cookies that I'm pretty sure I ate all but one of.

I can do perfectly well at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Halloween kills me.

Oh, so the horribleness?  a 5.3 pound gain!


And the lady who was at the scale kind of whispered to me that I was up "just a little bit" and asked if they could help.  I was expecting to be up some, so I told her she could smack my husband and she gasped.  So I explained the whole sale thing and she understood then.  I didn't look at my weight record book until I was in the meeting room and I was so glad I was already sitting down!

So that makes me determined to stay right on plan and track everything....but it seems everyone has become a saboteur.  I was at work yesterday and noticed a couple people with donuts, but didn't really think anything of it until someone actually said something about it.  Apparently the big customer who was visiting brought in several dozen Tim Horton's donuts - which are pretty damn close to heavenly.  The asshole needed to be punched in the face.  Then at the county meeting I went to last night were cookies that I know from experience are wonderful.  I'm happy to report I didn't touch ANY of them!  No cookies and no donuts!  Today I passed on wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, even tho they sounded really goooood.

So far, so good!

So let's see what this weekend brings.  I can't think of any plans that we have, other than going thru my Halloween totes before I put the indoor stuff away and hopefully getting rid of some that I don't use!  And finish cleaning up the yard before winter.

btw, it took 6 1/2 hours Monday for Randy and I to take down and stow the cemetery. All the headstones and critter skeletons are in the shed with the lawnmower.   All the small, loose items (bones, solar lights, mini-fence sections, etc) are stored in the coffin, which goes into the add-on across the back of the garage, along with the blowmolds. The fences are rolled up and ready to be put away with the patio furniture this weekend also in the add-on. The army of skeletons are hung from the rafters in the garage.  A couple other things are also in the garage rafters. The miles of extension cords are wrapped and stored.  Sure doesn't sound like much, but it was!  That was a 6 AP day.

So, it's time to turn in.  I'll sign off with yet another cat picture!  I took this last night.  Chester (the big ginger) was having some quality Mommy time on my lap while goofy Daisy played with everything in sight, running around, being a usual kitten.  She decided she wanted to join us.  And proceeded to step on Chester's head and stand on him and grab him around the neck and roll around, trying to bite him, being a general pain in the ass.  Finally Chester had enough and growled / snapped at her.  She immediately settled down and this is how she started to doze right after.  She's wedged in against my belly on her back.  What a goofball!


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  1. Cute cat pic!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the gain. That big gain is mostly not "real" and should come down really quickly.


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