Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Titles are hard!

I never know what to put as my post title!  Maybe if I stuck with just one topic...pffft!  That's crazy talk.

Bowling was a lot of fun last Friday.  Our 'team' was 6 players - me, Randy, both sisters, a nephew and his girlfriend.  We did awesome on our first game - first of all, we're NOT bowlers, so breaking 100 is an amazing game for us - Randy got 170 and I got a 147 which are probably our all time high scores!  But then in game 2, Randy got a 74 and I had 120.

It was "cosmic" bowling.
In the past, a bunch of people donated baskets to raffle off - this time it was by level of dance.  So all the girls from level 5 contributed $10 to a basket; then level 4, etc.  And there was one giant basket of booze!  Happily, I won one of the baskets!  It was a spa theme - so a nice canvas basket filled with slippers, towels, lotions, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, foot soaks, candles etc, etc, etc....and 2 certificates for hour-long massages!!  And the mom who put it all together was afraid she didn't do a good job!!!  DUDE!  It's freakin' awesome!  It helps that level 4 is the biggest of all the levels, so more $ to play with.
Saturday was the first of the craft shows.  It grew quite significantly this year.  before it was just in the high school but this year it oozed over into the middle school.  The high & middle school are U shaped and connected in the middle by the pool.  Booths were lined up across the front of the pool and around 2 halls of the middle school!  I haven't been in there since I was a senior and helped out in the counselor's office during a class. We were all disappointed that our ornament lady wasn't there.  We've all bought from her since 2000!  Now I don't have an ornament for little kitty Daisy.  Maybe she'll be at the one this coming up weekend.  One thing I did get was this awesome spider web.  The web itself is a chain and the spider a fancy pin.  The frame is about an 8x10 size.  I really like it and it was marked down!  
Sunday we spent the day outside, cleaning up the yard before winter and hanging Christmas lights (that are NOT plugged in yet!!)  It was sunny and in the 60s - gorgeous to be outside in mid-November in jeans & a t-shirt! We were beat, but everything got done.  Not all the leaves got picked up but oh well.  We filled up 13 lawn & leaf bags and the entire 200 gallon yard waste can! 

Last night I went online and put together our Christmas cards - we've never done photo cards before but I've wanted to.  This meant staging the cats so we could get all 3.  After much hilarity - this is what we ended up with. At least Chester is looking!
We didn't torture Jack by putting the Santa outfit back on him, just the hat.  He was freaked out because he'd never been on our bed before and he was so funny - he belly crawled across it! He's been on Angel's bed plenty, but it's a lot lower and not as squishy as ours.  We had to bribe him with treats to get a shot where he doesn't look like he's in trouble.
Then I used a nice selfie Randy & I took last summer with a Coke can that says LOVE on it, one of Angel's senior pictures of her sitting in the studio with all her dance shoes and the last one is the 3 of us at her graduation, with her holding up her diploma.  It's going to be nice. 

Tomorrow Randy is leaving for Arkansas for almost 2 weeks!  He goes to a friend's house for a radio contest they always do first, then he'll spend some time with his Mom in Hot Springs.  She has a follow-up appointment Monday after Thanksgiving to make sure her cancer is totally gone and he'll go with her to that and start heading home that Tuesday.  So right now I have a bunch of laundry going so I can kind of start packing for him and when Angel gets home from dance, we're going out for a late-ish dinner.  

I mentioned the second craft show the Saturday and Sunday I'll be spending at the studio with Miss Angela and all the rest of her competition team for an all-day dance intensive. They bring in guest teachers in all styles and they dance their happy little butts off.  I volunteered to help out - I'll probably run back and forth between the 2 rooms and take pictures like I did last year.   

Welp, it looks like Randy will be here in a few minutes.  Got to love the trackers on our ham radios (APRS)!  Pretty useful stuff right there.


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